If Samsung is to be believed the security of our future phones could be in our palms. At least that is what a recent patent application from the South Korean conglomerate points to even though the patent docs reveal the tech is aimed at helping users recover lost passwords.

As has come to the fore, the user would be required to scan their palms if ever they end up losing their passwords. The system however will recover your password but won’t show it in it’s entirely on the phone’s display. Instead, the same would be hidden in the lines of out palm, which again is a means to ensure your privacy. However, the user is expected to recollect the password using the hints provided.

While the patent reveals the system is designed to help users recover their lost passwords, the same also has the potential to emerge as the standard means of user authentication, something that currently is being served using fingerprint sensors. The palm scanning tech can also be considered a significant development in view of Apple adopting the Face ID tech with its latest iPhone X. There also are enough indications of Face ID likely being adopted as the standard authentication means on all future Apple mobile devices.

However, no matter how futuristic the Face ID tech might sound at the moment, the fact is it hasn’t proved to be as fool proof as Apple might have hoped it to be. There have been a few instances of twins or even kids in the family managing to outsmart the Face ID tech, which likely has emerged as the biggest challenge that Apple is facing at the moment with its innovative Face ID tech.

In contrast, palm scanning can be seen as an extension of the finger scanning tech that has been in use for the last few years. It isn’t also likely to require considerable hardware changes of the sort that Face ID required, which included 3D sensors, infrared cameras and a dot projector strategically placed on the notch in the front top. In contrast, palm scanning seems a lot more simplistic while being reliable as well.

In any case, no matter how exciting palm scanning might seem at the moment, it is anybody’s guess how soon we get to see the device debuting in an actual device. What is evident though is the two distinct lines that Apple and Samsung, two of the biggest phones makers seem to be pursuing right now. While Apple is keen to make its Face ID all the more secure, Samsung seems to be working on palm scanning tech which might emerge as the new standard authentication system on future Galaxy phones.