Samsung, it seems is unable to wait to bring to the masses its latest wonder, the Note 8. This could perhaps explain the unexpected revealing of the Note 8 handset via one of its official Twitter channels.

As things have emerged off late, the real intention was to uphold the awesome capabilities of its Exynos chipset. To further augment the processing prowess of the chip, there is this device that has been depicted in the tweet from the official Exynos Twitter account which is being touted to be none other than the upcoming Note 8.

That the device shown is not any of the S8 duos is amply clear given the even slimmer bezel at the top. The Edge display along the sides is seen curved even lower than either the S8 or the S8+. That is not all as the front speaker at the top is also markedly bigger than the S8 devices.

That is not all as the absence of any button along the sides is also equally intriguing. While that is another proof of the device not being a S8 or S8+, the total lack of any physical button should also be equally baffling with respect to the Note 8 device. That is unless Samsung has packed all the buttons along the left edge.

Or maybe Samsung has some other trick up its sleeve. Whether or not that amounts to packing any on-screen feature remains to be seen. For instance, touching specific portions along the sides might serve for volume up or down functionality or so on.

As it is, the Note 8 was heavily speculated to serve as the first Android device to feature an on-screen fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case as a few recent rumors have claimed otherwise, with a physical fingerprint sensor likely placed along the back adjacent to the rear cam.

Meanwhile, that the tweet hasn’t been removed should be proof enough that the leak was a deliberate attempt. Maybe Samsung is keen to build up some hype before the phone is actually launched on Aug 23. With that again being some weeks off, chances are that there will be a few more such leaks coming our way.