Samsung has already revealed its plans of launching a fully foldable smartphone sometime in 2018. Now, Korean publication ETNews also states in a report that Samsung is developing ‘in-folding’ folding smartphone.

According to the report, the Korean giant has restarted working on foldable smartphones that fold their display inwards. Also, Samsung plans to implement 3R technology in the display. The technology essentially depicts a number that indicates how much a device is bent.

President of Samsung’s smartphone business, Koh Dong-Jin, recently announced the company’s plans to launch the first foldable smartphone in 2018.

It’s nice to see them at expositions, but making a million of them for mass production is not easy. We have established a roadmap for foldable smartphones, and our goal is to release them in 2018. We are currently working on few problems, and we will release the products once we solve these problems,” said Koh Dong-Jin during a Galaxy Note 8 event, according to etnews.com.

That said, key details remain rather thin at at the moment, expect that the device will have its display folding inwards. As for its availability, given that Samsung usually launches its S series of flagship around spring while the Note range is launched around fall season. That makes the most probable window for launching the new bendable phone somewhere in between these two, maybe around mid-2018. There’s a still a long time to go but the wait could be worth it after all.

The fact that foldable displays have existed for a long time, it makes one ponder as to why hasn’t anyone launched a foldable device yet. Also, Samsung’s rumored foldable phone could stack up against the special-edition iPhone X. Given the fact that the handset comes with several hardware and design upgrades, Samsung’s foldable phone might be a game changer if its bendable design proves to be a hit.