Samsung is reported to have won the certification for a bendable device from the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA) of the Korea Communications Commission (KCC). Unfortunately, there is little else that we know of the device bearing model number SM-G888N0, which includes its likely shape or design.

Now the device is described officially as ‘Equipment of radio equipment for LTE mobile communication’ in the certification documents. That again can translate to a lot of things though the fact is; a device bearing a similar model number has previously been mentioned at the Wi-Fi Alliance as a smartphone.

This has led many to construe the latest to also be a smartphone, or maybe some sort of a hybrid device that also doubles up as a tablet when expanded. That is not all as Samsung had also recently hinted about launching a bendable Note device sometime next year.

Also, the said phone will undoubtedly draw comparisons with the Apple iPhone range, and more specifically, the most landmark of them all, the iPhone X. If Apple is credited to have launched a new revolution with the iPhone X given its all-screen front layout, the new Galaxy X too can be a game changer if its bendable design proves to be a hit.

As for its availability, that again is shrouded in complete mystery, much like everything else pertaining to the handset. The Note 8 has only just been launched and is reported to have received a tremendous response already while the S8 has already proved to be a success too. As such a launch anytime soon can be ruled out as Samsung surely wouldn’t want sales of the current flagship range to be affected, more so when these make up for the bulk of its top-end smartphone earnings.

Samsung usually launches its S series of flagship around spring while the Note range is launched around fall season. That makes the most probable window for launching the new bendable phone somewhere in between these two, maybe around mid-2018. That is some way off but the wait could be worth it after all.

Interestingly, Microsoft too is reported to be working on its own bendable phone concept, one that will double up as a tablet when expanded or a smartphone when folded.