The upcoming Galaxy S9 flagship has already witnessed its fair share of rumors. Now, a new leak is doing rounds on the web which suggests that some of the handset’s features will be inspired by the iPhone X.

According to a Twitter tipster, the Galaxy S9 is expected to feature an advanced facial recognition system, similar to the one found on the iPhone X. Apple’s anniversary-edition handset features an advanced 3D sensing camera that not only allows easy unlocking of the device, but also offers more functionality and security.

Hence, it appears Samsung might ditch the IRIS recognition feature found on the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus and the Galaxy Note 8. Instead, it’ll use 3D sensing cameras on the Galaxy S9.

Besides, the same source also indicates Samsung might debut the flagship earlier than originally planned. And it appears Samsung might do so given the strong demand of the iPhone X. Elsewhere, the Galaxy S9 is also expected to come with a dual-lens camera system, just like the current-gen Galaxy flagships.

In other related news, Samsung is reportedly trying to integrate the fingerprint sensor under the handsets display, but is apparently struggling to do so. Such plans were afoot even when Samsung was developing the Galaxy S8, but did not have time to perfect the technology. The company couldn’t pull it off and placed the sensor in a rather awkward position on the back, making it hard to reach. In many cases, users accidentally smudged the camera lens when trying to the fingerprint sensor.

Therefore, given the circumstances, it’ll be interesting to see whether Samsung will be able to place the fingerprint under the Galaxy S9’s display. Hopefully, Samsung manages to perfect the technology by the time it launches its next flagship.

That being said, it goes without saying that users should take this information with a grain of salt as nothing is official at the moment.