After the success of its latest Galaxy S8 line-up, Korean giant Samsung is expected to announce its predecessor in 2018, which will likely be called the Galaxy S9. Not much is known about the device, but rumors have already started pouring in as to what we can expect from the Galaxy S9. Here’s a lowdown on everything we know so far about the Galaxy S9 so far.


As per recent leaks, the Galaxy S9 is said to feature some noticeable design changes compared to the S8. Key sources indicate the back of the handset will get a major redesign, most likely because Samsung plans to include a dual-lens camera on the back of the device.

Samsung has been trying to integrate the fingerprint sensor under the handset’s display since it started working on the Galaxy S8, but the manufacturer is apparently not able to perfect the technology. The company couldn’t pull it off and placed the sensor in a rather awkward position on the back, making it hard to reach. In many cases, users accidentally smudged the camera lens when trying to the fingerprint sensor.

This led to speculations that Samsung might have enough time to perfect the technology before it launches the Galaxy S9. It’ll be interesting to see whether Samsung will be able to place the fingerprint under the Galaxy S9’s display. Hopefully, Samsung manages to perfect the technology by the time it launches its next flagship.

Elsewhere, concept images of the Galaxy S9 have also surfaced on the web, which suggest that the handset will look quite like the current Galaxy S8. However, chances are that Samsung might completely obliterate bezels with the upcoming Galaxy S9.

Hardware and Features

Being Samsung’s top-shelf handset, the Galaxy S9 is also expected to feature a powerful set of innards, just like earlier models in the company’s Galaxy S line-up.

The first leak about the Galaxy S9 surfaced back in April when it was reported that Qualcomm and Samsung have joined hands to work on the Snapdragon 845, which is expected to run the handset. It also happened to be the first bit of information about the next-gen Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm.

The device is also expected to run Android Oreo 8.0 out-of-the-box. Some sources also claim that the device will feature 64GB of in-built storage along with 4GB of RAM. The handset is also expected to feature an advanced facial recognition system, just like the iPhone X.


The Galaxy S8 has set new benchmarks in display thanks to its edge to edge Infinity display, and the upcoming Galaxy S9 is also expected to do the same. Just like last year, Samsung is expected to offer two variants of the handset – the standard Galaxy S9 will sport a 5.8-inch screen, while its larger sibling the S9 Plus will feature a 6.2-inch display.

Release Date and Price

Key sources indicate that Samsung started working on the Galaxy S9 (codenamed Star) several months before compared to the Galaxy S8, which suggests that Samsung is trying to pack the handset with new features. It also indicates that Samsung is trying hard to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the phone’s display, one of the design flaws found in the latest Galaxy S8 range.

As far s release date goes, sources suggest that Samsung could tease its Galaxy S9 line-up at CES 2018 in January, while the both handsets will officially launch sometime March. Just like in the past, Galaxy S9 series phones are expected to go on sale in April or May.

While there’s no information regarding prices yet, but we predict the price to be no less than $900-$1000.

That being said, it goes without saying that readers should take this information with a huge pinch of salt as nothing is officially confirmed at the month.