Samsung is believed to be cooking up something radical so far as the Galaxy S9 is concerned. For gone will be the usual strategy of launching two phones across two different size segments. Instead, there could be a Mini version as well available next time.

That however isn’t too path breaking except that the S9 Mini will have all the bells and whistles that its bigger S9 cousins will come with. So far, Samsung has kept itself restricted to launching a mini version of its flagship range that costs less but also compromises on features as well as performance.

According to a Forbes report on this that draws on inputs from noted leaker Ice Universe, the S9 Mini will be sporting a 5-inch display. The new Mini will complement the S9 and the S9 Plus though it is not known at the moment what the display size of the latter two will be like.

Among the features the S9 Mini will likely borrow from its bigger brethren include the Infinity Edge display as well as a rear dual lens camera. That is not all as the rear twin camera lens will also benefit from a special BBAR or broad-band anti-reflection coating. As might already be perceptible, the BBAR coating acts to prevent issues related to glare, ghosting or reflections and is more associated with high-end DSLRs.

Further, Samsung is also expected to include wireless AKG earphones as part of its Galaxy S9 package though it is not known if those would pack in additional technology of the sort of Apple’s EarPods. Interestingly, Samsung is also likely to continue its reliance on the 3.5 mm headphone jack as well.

On the whole, the move to expand the S9 flagship range to also include a Mini version could easily be a game changer for Samsung as it will let the flagship phone to appeal to a wider consumer segment. Moreover, the South Korean giant is also linked with a far more radical folding Galaxy X handset as well as is a new Note 9 which presumably will come with an under-screen fingerprint sensor for the first time.