Samsung is believed to be readying an early launch of its next flagship, the Galaxy S9, one that might see the device launched during the CES event in early January. The usual slot for Samsung to launch the ‘S’ series flagship is in the spring, with the MWC in Barcelona as the most likely venue for that.

While there is no reason mentioned as to what led Samsung to bring forward its launch plans for the S9, some believe it could be a ploy to space out its other two big flagship launches planned next year. One obviously is the more radical Galaxy X foldable phone with the Note 9 coming in later during the fall season.

As mentioned in the VentureBeat report on this, The S9 also isn’t expected to be a huge upgrade over the current S8, the prime reason being that the company isn’t getting enough time to introduce innovative new feature on the upcoming flagship. That would make the new S9 largely an iterative upgrade over the current S8 that had first started the trend of bezel-less front displays.

As such, the S9 is also speculated to sport the same 5.8- and 6.2-inch display as in the current version though there will likely be a speed bump with the integration of the more powerful Snapdragon 845 processor.

Samsung is also expected to increase the RAM to 6 GB to ensure enhanced performance. The current S8 range boasts of a 4 GB memory and increasing it to 6 GB will also allow the phone to better compete with some of its other Android rivals that have adopted higher RAM strength. Further, 64 gigs of storage is likely to be the standard fare, with support for external memory cards to build on that even more.

Another significant change to be seen with the Galaxy S9 vis-a-vis the S8 is the primary rear cam. While the S8 does with a single camera which nonetheless impresses with its image quality, the S9 is expected to build on that further with a dual lens camera setup, something that is more in vogue off late. Also, the camera lens would be vertically lined along the center, with the fingerprint sensor placed below it.

Such a setup will also help Samsung address one of the biggest grouses with the S8 where the rear placed scanner was easy to be mistaken for the camera. Elsewhere, the S9 will also likely continue with the 3.5mm headphone jack, something that has become a key differentiator from devices that lack such a feature.