Samsung is reported to be working on an enhanced facial recognition system that would debut on its upcoming Galaxy S9 phone. The said facial recognition feature will be complementing the fingerprint sensor that already serves as the main biometric authentication tool on its flagship phones.

According to ETNews, Samsung is aiming to have in place a vastly improved biometric authentication system on its next flagship even though the phone isn’t expected to be as disruptive as the S8 duo proved to be when launched earlier this year. As such, the S9 could be seen improvising further on the design aspect, besides incorporating more capable internals to offer a performance boost.

Right now, the Galaxy S8 relies largely on the rear mounted fingerprint scanner to identify genuine users. It also comes with an iris scanner though the same has been proved to more of a gimmick as there has been several instances of the feature being tricked by hackers with printed photographs into believing as the genuine user.

The report that Android Headlines carried on its site also speculated Samsung to be focusing more on the software side of the biometric system, which means there might not be any substantial hardware changes incorporated. The real aim is to improve on the speed aspect of it without compromising on the reliability.

There were earlier rumors of Samsung attempting to incorporate an under-screen fingerprint scanner on the S9. However, subsequent reports have ruled out such a possibility given the several challenges that the technology still posed. The feature could likely be available on the Note 9 at best.

In the end, what can perhaps be said with a fair degree of surety is that Samsung won’t likely go for a Face ID sort of an advanced facial recognition feature that debuted on the Apple iPhone X. That in any case isn’t a bad thing given how Face ID has proved to be less reliable when used by twins or similar looking family members. There has even been the case of a 10-year old kid hacking his mother’s iPhone X.