The smartphones of Samsung is Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The two smartphones are the new flagship phones of the Samsung. The camera that these two smartphones have is the best camera that Samsung has given to their phones.

It is clear from this that Samsung focus is on camera and the company have done a great thing in this department. The camera that Samsung provides with this Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is nowhere close to the quality of the camera that another phone has. This quality of camera changes the users experience with the photography.

The other smartphone cameras like that of Google Pixel 2 can give you better photos. When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S9 camera then it gives us on par photos when it is shot in automatic mode or in low-light scenes. This smartphone camera is going to give you a fantastic experience in photography and those who are trying to get a good camera phone then Samsung Galaxy S9 is a good choice.

The camera of Samsung Galaxy S9 brings us some manual-friendly retro camera designs like Fujifilm to the mobile world. There is a number of manual photography apps which do the same things but the camera of Samsung Galaxy S9 have dual aperture camera lens with the manual switch from f/1,5 to f/2.4 in pro-shooting mode. This feature gives you a good effect by blurring the background or foreground depending on your needs.

The Galaxy S9 camera also provides some good photos in full light outdoors shoot. The video shooting in Galaxy S9 is good but it lacks the stabilization that Google’s Pixel 2 can give you when you are filming a video when you are in motion. The other feature of the camera is it gives you Slow motion mode and it captures the video at 960 fps at 720p resolution.