Samsung is likely working on a Portrait Mode – or Live Photos as Samsung prefers to call it – for the otherwise already accomplished Galaxy S8 camera. While the camera on the company flagship has won praises from all over, the absence of the portrait mode was solely felt, more so when competitors like the iPhone 7 Plus or the more recent iPhone 8 Plus flaunted it with style.

However, things seem to be finally ready for a change. All of it is based on assumption though, based on a hint dropped by a Samsung representative which makes us to believe the company might introduce the same via a software update, reports Android Headlines. The feature will also likely be exclusive to the more up-market Galaxy S8 Plus.

However, what remains shrouded in uncertainty is that there is no fixed timeframe mentioned for the release of the Portrait Model feature. In fact, no one knows for sure if it is indeed in the offing given that the S8 is already a few months old and the rumor grapevine is awaiting inputs for the forthcoming S9.

Another impediment to the launch of the Portrait Mode for the Galaxy S8 is that it comes with a single lens rear camera. Since it lacks a dedicated telephoto camera lens that is essential to blur out the background, achieving the same using the single camera lens would essentially be a software job.

For those not in the knowing, a Portrait Mode is essentially the photography style where a person or an object is at the focus while all its surrounding is blurred out. This is achieved by the use of a large aperture that acts to separate the subject from its surrounding while the telephoto lens blurs out the background details by first determining the depth in a scene. The same has also come to be known as the famed bokeh effect in Apple-speak.

Samsung could either be bundling the specific feature as part of the larger software update applicable to the entire phone or issue a separate camera specific update that introduces the feature.

Meanwhile, the latest Note 8 which also happens to be the first handset from Samsung to feature a dual rear camera does a fairly nice job at blurring the surrounding, making the subject more prominent than otherwise. It remains to be seen if the feature will be anywhere near as impressive on Galaxy S8.