Samsung has confirmed the launch of new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  Samsung usually uses its Galaxy Note phablet to introduce new technologies before releasing the same in its smartphones handsets. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is said to be missing a major feature which may put back Samsung company to the backfoot.

The feature or void which is said to be missing in the Galaxy Note 9 is the under-screen fingerprint reader. As a solution to the bezel-free phones and have a notched design, this feature can be seen on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The technology which is used in phablet is not going to be ready for the smartphones in the near future as said by Forbes Gordon Kelly.

The under-screen fingerprint reader works accurately and quickly like the current crop of fingerprint sensors that are present in the home buttons, power buttons or under the lenses of the Android device. This technology is tested in a large number of devices but Samsung has not included this feature in its Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to launch in August 2018. It is expected that the Samsung’s new technology could stand in front of the Apple’s facial recognition on the iPhone-X. It will also allow the Note 9 to stand differently from its other Galaxy S9 family.

According to the analyst King-Chi Kuo, Note 9 is expected to have the under-screen technology, but now he believes that Samsung is delaying this due to power consumption issues and issues with screen protectors. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is said to have better specifications, availability of more power for complicated apps. As compared to Note 8, Note 9 will continue to be in trend with Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8.