After months of waiting and speculations, the South Korean Multinational has Samsung finally launched the keenly awaited Galaxy Note 8, and it is much more than just a revamp of the dead Galaxy Note 7. Rather than just a do-over for the dead flagship of Samsung, Note 8 is a leap forward for Samsung in terms of bigger screen, better camera, and powerful processor. Offering a number of firsts in its Note 8, Samsung has made the Galaxy Note 8 the best smartphone of the company yet.

The approximate cost of the Galaxy Note 8 is $929 (£869, nearly AU$1,499) and for sure, it is the really whopping amount. The Note series is already known for its bigger screens, and this phone is also no different. But what’s so special about the Note 8? Why should you make some extra investments to buy this super-phone? Well, here’re the five features of the Note 8 that can be the biggest selling point for this giant phablet.

Powerful Dual-Camera:

The Galaxy Note 8 boasts two powerful rear cameras with 12-megapixel sensors. With additional features like a 2x optical zoom, just like the iPhone 7 Plus and the dual optical image stabilization, the Note 8 can be your real photography partner. Two previous phones like Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus also have dual cameras, but those are the single-lens devices while the current one has a secondary telephoto lens which provides a steadier-looking picture and ultra-high resolution videos. This is the first for the smartphone design.

Multitasking To Max:

Multitasking on a smartphone is pretty challenging, but in an exceptional case, the Note 8 has made the multitasking easier in two manners. First is its giant infinity 6.3-inch display which is making thing a little bit different, especially during the use of the handy S Pen stylus; which is superior canvas and smaller than your finger. Second is its exclusive “App Pair” for sliding out the Edge menu. This feature pairs two dissimilar apps into a stipulated multitasking window, eventually making the multitasking option easier and handy.

Highest-Ever RAM – 6GB:

This is another reason why Galaxy Note 8 is worth buying. After months of speculations, Samsung finally brings the highest ever RAM to the table – 6GB which is first for any Samsung devices. 6GB RAM means the easier opening of loads of apps simultaneously and better experience of playing the newest versions of 3D and VR games. Clubbed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset for the US markets and the Exynos chipset for other parts of the world, it is making the smartphone a super powerhouse.

Power of Improved Digital S Pen:

The long-standing stylus pen has marked a grand comeback with the Galaxy Note 8, and this time, it can take the writing and handcrafting experience of the Note users to an upper level. That’s because the features like the Screen-Off memo allows users to save up to 100 pages of notes with Note 8, and with S Pen, it’s easy to pin them down to the Always-on display and edit them whenever you want.

Bigger, Better & Infinity Display

The Galaxy Note 8 is also the first Note flagship to feature the famous Infinity Display. With the 18.5:9 aspect ratio and extremely fewer bezels help Samsung to get a supermassive 6.3” QHD display on the floor with the Note 8. Though the screen has come up with a bigger price tag, but yet, that whopping amount seems worth spending because of its huge, vibrant and Always-On display.