Samsung is expecting sales of its Note 8 phablet to exceed 700,000 units in South Korea alone by the month of October. Of that figure, the majority, or 60 percent to be precise are likely to opt for the base 64 GB variant with the 256 GB model making up the rest.

Samsung had launched the Note 8 phablet earlier on Aug. 23 during an unpacked event in New York. Sales though are expected to begin only from Sept 15 in the domestic market, with a simultaneous launch in other regions such as North America, Europe, and Australia.

Interestingly, while the Note 8 is already on pre-order in most markets it is slated to launch in the coming weeks, those in South Korea have to wait till Sept 7 to place their advanced orders. That again happens to be the marketing strategy that Samsung has put to good use in its own turf where a relatively smaller window for pre-ordering is expected to boost pent up demand that actually translates in sales.

The success that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ met with in South Korea should be proof enough of this scheme. Both the handset made for sales in excess of 700,000 units during the first month of its, something that should also explain the company targeting the same with its latest Note 8 handset as well.

Also, it is good to see Samsung aiming high with the Note 8, a handset that many had even doubted the very existence of. That again is not without reason given the alarming regularity with which the Note 7 was exploding, prompting Samsung to go for a massive recall, the scale of which the tech world has never seen before.

Samsung has said it has subjected the Note 8 to numerous and stringent safety checks and insists it will be the safest handset that you ever get to lay your hands on. The several hands-on that we have seen of the Note 8 so far have been promising as well and we do hope things work out fins with the handset this time.