Nintendo stated the earnings for the recent fiscal year. The Nintendo Switch now has sold 17.79 million units globally as of 31st March, with about 68.97 million units of software shipped for the same period.

Nintendo stated that it predicts it would sell 20 million more Switch units this fiscal year and 100 million games for the same period. That is a lot, and it speaks to the strong ambition of Nintendo for the year that makes sense given a new Smash Bros. game is on the way.

In addition to it, Nintendo announced that Tatsumi Kimishima, the president who took over for Satoru Iwata after his passing, would retire on 28th June. Replacing him is Shuntaro Furukawa, who earlier held high-level titles across marketing and corporate planning among the other things. Only 46 years old, Furukawa joined Nintendo in the year 1994. The present Nintendo of Satoru Shibata, the Europe president also has stepped down from his role to take a senior position at the Nintendo headquarters in Japan. No replacement has yet been announced.

In the year 2012, Furukawa became Outside Director for The Pokemon Company. He became the general manager of corporate planning in July 2015 and in June 2016, he became a managing executive officer, a director, and the supervisor of corporate analysis & administration. In September 2016, Furukawa was put in charge of the global marketing team of Nintendo.

Referring back to the earnings report, Nintendo said that it shipped a total of 15.05 million Switch units during the fiscal year ended 31st March. Over that period, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe shifted 9.22 million copies while Super Mario Odyssey moved 10.41 million units. Splatoon 2 shipped 6.02 million copies during the fiscal year. Including the games from the other publishers, the Switch has 12 games that have sold more than 1 million units.

Nintendo said that the 3DS remained “solid” for Nintendo during the country, despite its age and going up against the Switch. It sold 6.40 million units during the fiscal year, with Pokemon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun shipping 7.51 million units for the year. Life to date, the 3DS now has sold 72.53 million units, with some 364.89 million games sold.

Nintendo said that the digital sales were “very good,” specifically for the Nintendo Switch. The digital sales on Switch made up ¥60.8 billion, hiking 87 percent year-over-year. Another bright spot for Nintendo was the SNES Classic Edition that Nintendo said, “proved to be a hit in every region.” For the fiscal year, the SNES Classic sold 5.28 million units. Overall, the sales of Nintendo for the fiscal year ended on 31st March came out to ¥1.05 trillion, up sharply from the last year. In addition to it, the operating profit was 177.5 billion yen that was also a significant hike from the last year.

Nintendo said that the consumers have been really receptive to the new concept launched by the Nintendo Switch “as a home gaming system that they can take with them to play anytime, anywhere, with anyone, which helped it maintain its favorable momentum during this fiscal year.” Further, Nintendo added that looking ahead, they have plans to “leverage this momentum to reach to a much broader range of consumers.”