Russia’s precious “Grizzly” system destroyed – Ukraine has a decisive advantage

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Air: Ani Akkoyun

In the war in Ukraine, Kiev apparently succeeds in destroying a valuable Russian missile system – according to one expert, the right strategic path.

In the Kiev-Ukraine war, the Ukrainian armed forces in general relied on anti-aircraft missile systems – because Russia had air sovereignty from the beginning of the war. One news However, according to the Army General Staff, Ukraine has now turned the tables and removed a key Russian air defense system: the 9K37 Buk anti-aircraft system, also known as the “Grizzly”.

A Russian Buk anti-aircraft missile system in Zaporizhia. (archive photo) © Evgeny Biyatov/Imago

“Rocket troops and artillery” would have destroyed the Soviet-era system at an unspecified location. Several Russian soldiers and military equipment were also reportedly hit by the Ukrainian air force – on Tuesday (March 7), Ukraine’s Defense Ministry released a video showing a drone dropping grenades in a lightly wooded area. The ministry took to Twitter to headline that it had met a “rogue Russianist”.

War in Ukraine: Russia benefits from multiple missile defense systems

Although the “Grizzly” system was developed in the 1970s, the functions are considered different by today’s military standards. Thus, the device allows target acquisition of maneuver aircraft and helicopters. Of these older systems, Moscow is said to operate about 350 Newsweek reported. Over the years, numerous devices have also been exported to countries such as Azerbaijan, Egypt, Finland, India, Syria and North Korea.

However, the Ukrainian armed forces may have knocked out a modern missile defense system – which would make Russia’s loss even more serious. Shortly after the Ukraine war broke out, the Russian military released a new version of the Buk, the Buk-M3, also known as the “Viking”. It is said to be so advanced that the US Department of Defense describes it as a “completely new system” compared to its predecessors, according to a statement. Military Accreditation.

Destroying “Grizzly” and “Viking” will bring decisive advantages to Ukraine.

Russian equipment such as “Grizzly” or “Viking” is also a reason why the West is reluctant to provide fighter jets, told political analyst Jordan Cohen. Newsweek. “It’s very difficult to protect these expensive planes because of the technology that Russia has,” Cohen said.

“Furthermore, it would be a bad decision to follow the same offensive strategy that Russia failed in earlier in the war,” he added. Indeed, the Russian armed forces have been unable to gain any ground in Ukraine for months – despite continued air superiority. In particular, the war is concentrated in the eastern part of the country Battles are raging around the strategically important small town of Bagmut.

Either way, it’s more difficult for Moscow to stop missiles than to fire them, Cohen said. Destroying missile systems and calling in additional defense systems makes more sense than calling in fighter jets. (knock)

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