Russian losses in Ukraine war ‘super record’

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An independent study of Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine comes with alarming statistics for Moscow. Message Ticker.

+++ 9:28 am: Ukraine believes that Russia will lose the most in the war in Ukraine. According to the latest information from the Ministry of Defense, the number of Russian soldiers killed in action has exceeded 120,000. 860 Russian soldiers have been killed in the last 24 hours alone. In addition, one of the attackers’ tanks and numerous armored vehicles were destroyed. This information cannot be independently verified.

Russia’s Losses in Ukraine War:

  • Players: 120.160 (+860)
  • Puncture: 3140 (+1)
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles: 6256 (+15)
  • Vehicles and fuel tanks: 4918 (+15)
  • Artillery System: 2135 (+6)
  • Multiple Rocket Launcher: 444 (+1)
  • Air Defense Systems: 220 (+0)
  • Flights: 287 (+0)
  • Helicopter: 277 (+0)
  • Drones: 1891 (+5)
  • Boats: 17 (+0)
  • (Source: January 21 report of the Ukrainian Civil Service)

Updated as of Saturday, 6:15 a.m.: According to an independent study, Russia lost fewer soldiers in the war in Ukraine than Ukrainian officials are reporting. The number of fallen soldiers has been increasing rapidly since the beginning of this year. Since January 1, 2023, nearly a thousand soldiers have reportedly died in the conflict with Ukraine. This is the conclusion of an independent study published by the MediaZona website. “It’s a super record,” said Dmitry Treshchanin, a journalist at Mediazona. According to the study, the number is fallen soldiers, which can be verified with certainty. The actual death toll of the war in Ukraine is likely to be much higher. The main cause of Russia’s heavy losses in 2023 was the Battle of Pakmut.

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+++ 9.15 pm: The news service of the Ukrainian special forces released footage of trench warfare in the city of Solidar in the Donetsk region. The footage shows soldiers defending themselves from inside a building. “When Russian commanders drove their subordinates into battle despite heavy losses, our troops seized the opportunity to thin Russian forces,” it was quoted as saying. Ukraine Pravda Special Task Force. It is not clear when the records were made. The Kremlin has previously spoken of “positive dynamics” in the region.

Russian howitzer fire on Ukrainian positions near Pakmut. Russia is said to suffer particularly heavy losses in a battle for the city. © Uncredited/dpa

Losses: Ukraine war turns into “absolute disaster” for Russia

+++ 7.40 pm: There have been “significant casualties” in the war in Ukraine – and “on both sides”, US Chief of Staff Mark Milley said at the Ramstein conference. However, this is difficult to calculate precisely. Milli expects “significantly more than 100,000” dead soldiers on the Russian side – that is, military members and mercenaries. “The Russians have suffered huge casualties in their military,” Milley said. For Russia, the war in Ukraine is developing into a “complete disaster”.

But the Ukrainian army also has high losses. However, Milli does not give exact figures. Also, many civilians have been killed in Ukraine.

Casualties in Ukraine war: Border guards kill Russian spy team near Pakmut

+++ 6 PM: According to their own reports, Ukrainian border guards killed a Russian reconnaissance group around Pakmut in the Donbass region and repelled a subsequent attack by occupation forces. Russian soldiers tried to scout the area far away from the war-torn city. “Militants eliminated enemy intelligence team,” it was quoted as saying Ukraine Pravda Ukrainian border guard. Two Russian soldiers were killed and three wounded.

As night fell, the Russian army began attacking Ukrainian defenses. The Ukrainian defenders continued to attack from several directions and stopped the attack. “Trench fighting lasted through the night, with Ukrainian defenders holding a defensive line,” it said. Russian losses must now be determined.

Heavy losses on both sides in Ukraine war

+++ 2.45 pm: A report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (BND). Glasses The eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut is said to have panicked over casualties inflicted by the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian army is losing three-digit numbers of soldiers every day in the battle against Russian troops in Pakmut, the news magazine reported, citing information it received. The BND warned that a Russian seizure of Bakmut would have serious consequences that would allow Russia to advance further. The information has not been independently verified.

Heavy losses for Russia in the Ukraine war: many casualties in the battles for Pakmut and Soledor

+++ 12.10 hrs: Russia has paid a heavy price in blood for its capture of Pakmut and Soledor: nearly 1,000 Russian soldiers have reportedly been killed in the war in Ukraine since the start of the year. reports that Moscow Times Citing the analysis of the data base Mediazona. “This is a super record,” said study author Dmitry Treshchanin in a YouTube video. He attributed the high death toll to heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine. Information cannot be independently verified.

Heavy loss for Russia in Ukraine war: 770 soldiers killed in one day

+++ 10.00 am: Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says three Russian tanks have been destroyed in the past 24 hours. Also, 760 Russian soldiers were killed. An overview:

Russia’s losses in Ukraine war: Lavrov rages with testimony

Update from 6:45 am on Friday, January 20: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has caused a shock. He compared modern Russians to the Jews killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. He told reporters in Moscow on Wednesday: “Just as Hitler wanted a ‘final solution’ to the Jewish problem, Western politicians are now saying very clearly that Russia must suffer a strategic defeat.” Ukraine has now strongly condemned the statement. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ole Nikolenko said: “It tarnishes the memory of millions of Holocaust victims.”

Ukraine launches further attacks on Russian positions

+++ 9 pm: In its evening briefing, Ukraine’s General Staff says Russia “continues to suffer significant losses.” More recently, 200 residents were injured in a recent roundup of residents in the occupied Luhansk region.

On Thursday (January 19), the Ukrainian Air Force carried out 21 airstrikes on enemy positions and six airstrikes on anti-aircraft missile systems. Rocket and artillery forces destroyed six command posts, seven enemy troops and an ammunition dump, the report said. An independent study has not yet been possible.

+++ 6 PM: die The city of Bachmud was fiercely contested for months. At one point near the city in Donetsk region, Ukraine has just repelled another Russian offensive. This was announced by the Border Guard of Ukraine on Thursday (January 19).

According to reports, on Wednesday (January 18), Russian soldiers attacked a border guard post. Ukrainian troops “repelled the attack in a firefight,” the statement said. Eleven Russian soldiers were killed and ten wounded. During the defensive operation, Russian fighter jets were reportedly shot down.

Ukrainian soldiers also reportedly shot down two Russian spy planes in the Bagmud area. According to a Ukrainian newspaper, the drone is said to be harmless with small arms writes Independent verification of information is not yet possible.

Selenskyj doubts: “Is Putin still alive?”

+++ 2.30 pm: After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed doubt about Putin’s existence, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that Putin “is and will be”. “It’s clear that both Russia and Putin are a big problem for Ukraine and for Zelensky. It’s clear that purely psychologically, Mr. Zelensky would prefer neither Russia nor Putin.

Peskov said that “the sooner the authorities understand that Russia and Putin are and will be,” they should “drop everything anti-Russian” and good for Ukraine.

Russia Suffers Losses in Ukraine War – Selenskyj Doubts: “Is Putin Still Alive?”

First report, January 19: KIEV – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a new announcement in a video address at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Help his country in its fight against Russia required Possible peace negotiations with Moscow Zelenskyj made a denial: “I don’t know exactly who to talk to and what.”

In his speech in Davos, Zelensky also commented on his counterpart in Moscow. Vladimir Putin. “I don’t know if the Russian president who sometimes appears in front of the green screen is really him [richtige] There is “I don’t quite understand whether he is alive, or whether he is making decisions, or whether someone else is making decisions there,” Zelensky said. There are witnesses that he is alive. The same cannot be said about Putin.

Russia intensifies attacks despite heavy casualties

Meanwhile, Russia continued its attacks on Ukraine despite suffering heavy losses in its own ranks. Airstrikes by the Russian military were also reported from several parts of the country. The fighter jets are said to have been launched primarily from Belarusian military bases. Russia is also moving parts of its heavy artillery closer to the border.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says six Russian tanks have been destroyed in the past 24 hours. A combat helicopter was reportedly shot down. Also, 760 Russian soldiers were killed.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, more than 475,000 Russian soldiers were wounded or killed. About 1,000 soldiers from Russia are said to be prisoners of war. Information provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense cannot be independently verified. (Talk to agencies)

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