Russian losses are falling: “This is a critical period”

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The Ukrainian military is reporting significantly lower losses on the Russian side than in previous weeks. There could be many reasons behind this.

KYIV – Russia's losses in the war in Ukraine have fluctuated significantly over the past month, according to Ukrainian military estimates. An estimated 640 Russian soldiers died between Sunday and Monday, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced on Monday. If the numbers are correct, the development could mean a new advantage on Russia's side. In the previous days, around 1,000 soldiers were recorded dead.

Russia has reported significantly fewer casualties in its war against Ukraine than in recent weeks

The numbers cannot be independently verified. Compared to the latest estimates of the Ukrainian military, Russia appears to be losing significantly fewer soldiers in March for the first time than ever before. It was estimated at 980 on March 13 and 970 on March 14. Russia recorded the heaviest losses between Friday (March 22) and Saturday (March 23): according to the General Staff, around 1,000 soldiers were said to have died over the two days.

Russian soldiers on the front line in the Avtivka field. © IMAGO/Stanislav Krasilnikov

The total number of Russian casualties since Russia's invasion of Ukraine to date (March 25) is estimated at 437,390. Public servants posted an overview of the material losses, which can be seen on social media. Russia has lost eleven tanks, 25 combat vehicles and 22 artillery systems in the last 24 hours.

Overview of Russia's Losses in Ukraine War (March 24-March 25):

  • Soldiers – about 437,390 (+640) people
  • Tanks – 6887 (+11) units
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles – 13,183 (+25) units
  • Artillery systems – 10,877 (+22) units
  • Air defense systems / anti-aircraft systems – 726 (+3) units
  • Aircraft – 347 (+0) units
  • Helicopters – 325 (+0) units
  • Cruise Missile – 2010 (+18)
  • Ships / Boats / Warships / Boats – 26 (+0) units
  • Submarines / Submarines – 1 (+0) units
  • Vehicles and fuel tanks – 14,454 (+47) units
  • Special Equipment – 1785 (+7)
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Casualties of soldiers on both sides depend heavily on planned offensives and peaceful phases of the war in Ukraine. In the first half of the month in particular, Russian soldiers launched new offensives west of the hotly contested industrial city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced last Tuesday that the village of Orlivka in the Donetsk region is under Russian control. Ukrainian civil servants had earlier reported that attacks in the area of ​​the city had been repelled. However, Ukrainian military observers' maps confirmed the change in front. Attacks like these cost Russia many lives among its own ranks, most notably in the Battle of Avdiivka in February.

Russian losses in Ukraine war drop significantly for first time: “This is a critical period”

Since then, Russian forces claim to have captured several villages, including Nevelske, Orlivka, Krasnoye and the settlement of Ivanivske. One advantage may be Ukraine's current ammunition shortage. Like an American news portal ABC They fear the deficit could become “catastrophic” by the end of March, citing two US officials. Both officials gave their assessment anonymously in an interview in February. “The turning point is starting now, and it's going to get worse in the spring and summer. “So this period we're entering is a critical period,” a senior US defense official told the channel.

It cannot be officially confirmed whether the low number of casualties on the Russian side is directly related to recent victories or greater tactical control. Long-term improvements will only be known in the coming days and weeks. (nz with dpa info)

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