Russia sent ships to the crime scene

Four days before the bombings, the Danish military photographed Russian vessels at the Nord Stream crime scene. Images must be confidential.

Denmark confirms T-Online research on Nord Stream attack: 112 photos of Russian ships at crime scene They were produced by the Danish Navy four days before the explosions. This emerges from a report in the Danish daily “Information”. The Danish Ministry of Defense confirmed the existence of the images, but wanted to keep them secret to protect intelligence.

Ships from Kaliningrad

Three weeks ago, T-Online exclusively reported on Russian military special vessels with cranes and mini-submarines that allegedly visited the crime scene northeast of Bornholm on September 21 and 22, 2022. Information from security circles can be partially understood through satellite imagery and position databases. Danish and Swedish armed forces also patrolled at the time. Now it is clear: the Danish patrol boat “Nymphen” then confronted the Russian military at the scene of the crime.

Screenshot from an old video from the Russian Ministry of Defense: One of the suspicious vessels has a mini-submarine. (Credit: Screenshot: T-Online)

The newspaper writes that “Information” has requested access to images and video footage of Russian ships taken on board the ‘P524 Nymfen’ on September 22, 2022. The Ministry of Defense confirmed that it had identified 112 photographs “included in your application (…)”. However, they were “intelligence They cannot be reached as they are part of the work”. The ministry did not provide further information.

Sweden suspects state actors

The report fits the picture: According to the “New York Times”, Swedish and Danish investigators are distrustful of the methods being followed by the German Attorney General and feel pressure to confront the story that has become public through media reports. A “false flag” operation is in the air, meaning a trail is deliberately laid to hide who the conspirators are.


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Mats Lünqvist, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation in Sweden last week, said the perpetrators “acted knowing they would leave traces.” As for the ammunition used, a very large number of actors is out of the question. A more likely scenario is a state that is the mastermind behind the attacks. In the investigation, his authority is cooperating with, among others, Denmark.

“Multiple Attack Attempts”

“Zeit” and ARD reported that German investigators suspect the sailing yacht “Andromeda” was linked to the attack. The traces of the group of six led to Ukraine. However, experts are skeptical of many details of the thesis. Unconfirmed US intelligence reports about a “pro-Ukrainian group” allegedly operating on a personal basis, according to the “New York Times,” are met with the same level of skepticism.

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An internationally widespread report on the blog of American journalist Seymour Hersh about the US being behind the attacks has been regarded as dubious and largely denied. Ljungqvist said he did not want to comment on individual media reports, but several “hot theories” could be easily dismissed. “This incident has obviously become an open arena for various influence attempts.”

On September 26, 2022, explosions destroyed the German-Russian Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. At that time the deliveries stopped and Germany had already decided to complete Nord Stream 2. Investigators in Germany, Denmark and Sweden suspect sabotage.

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