Russia is moving several troops to the Sivjerodonets

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The eastern part of Ukraine is fighting hard. But Russia is growing. News ticker.

+++ 9.30pm: Russian forces destroy oil tankers near the central Ukrainian city of Dinibro in a rocket attack on Saturday. The regional administration said three rockets hit the depot in the Novomokovsk district. “There is a strong fire,” wrote Valentyn Reznichenko, governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region in the Telegram. Three people were hospitalized with burns.

Russian missiles strike a gas processing plant near the eastern Ukrainian city of Isiam. According to the governor of the Kharkiv region Ole Sinyehubov, there was a huge fire. Not only the factory but also the houses were attacked. No casualties were reported in the case.

+++ 7.30pm: According to Ukrainian sources, Russia is sending large numbers of units from other war zones to the Siverodonetsk region in order to gain full control of the leading city. “Today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will throw away all their reserves,” Luhansk Governor Sergei Kaitoi told national television. “They have an important mass because there are already so many of them.” According to Qaidoi, Russian troops already control most of the city, but not all of them.

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For several weeks, the city of Sverdlovskaya in eastern Ukraine fought hard. Now Russia is said to have captured most of them. (Archive) © Oleksandr Ratushniak / dpa

+++ 6.10pm: According to the pro-Russian mayor of Donetsk, Ukrainian troops shelled the city in the morning. The building of the Donetsk National University, a school, shops, residential buildings and administrative buildings were damaged, Alexei Kulemsin wrote in a telegram that civilians were killed or injured. The information could not be verified independently.

+++ 4.10pm: From Mönchengladbach to the border between Poland and Ukraine: A plane carrying war wounded from Ukraine opened in Mönchengladbach on Saturday (June 18). With “Ukraine Airlift Day” beginners want to win more volunteer pilots and airline owners for eastbound flights.

The singer of Fantastischen Vier, Smudo, has announced that he will be landing on an aid flight soon. The 54-year-old is an entertainment pilot and supports the program. On the way there, small machines carry medicines and medical equipment, and on the way back they bring them to Germany for treatment.

War in Ukraine: Zelenskyj voyage south

+++ 1.35pm: Volodymyr Zelenskyj again traveled forward in southern Ukraine. The video on his Telegram channel shows Ukrainian President Mikhailov delivering medals to the city and inspecting the situation in the eastern city of Odessa. “We discussed the state of the economy, the restoration of water supply and the state of agriculture. Particular attention was paid to threats from land and sea. “

+++ 12.13 pm: The Kremlin seems to have stepped up efforts to push further north into the Donbass. This is according to a report by the British Ministry of Defense. Accordingly, the Kremlin’s southeastern Isiam is preparing a new attack from the direction of the city. The aim was to encircle the city of Zhivorodonetsk with their own troops from all sides. This will only make the situation of the public there worse.

Russia fires refinery in Ukraine

+++ 10.45 am: Russia has again attacked the central city of Kremenchuk. reported that the refinery located there was hit by a total of six rockets. Two more rockets hit the site, according to regional spokesman Dimitrov Lunin.

As far as we know no one was injured in the attack. The refinery has already been badly damaged by previous attacks and is no longer operational. The information could not be verified independently and was based on reports from Regional Manager Lunin.

Ukraine war: Negotiations with Russia will resume only at the end of August

+++ 9.35 am: In negotiations Ukraine war Currently limited to detailed questions. Public peace has long ceased to be an issue in negotiations. This was reported by the DPA news agency. They currently have both MoscowAs well Kiev Progress in the negotiation stage through military victories.

This was stated by Ukraine’s chief negotiator David Arakamiya in an interview with the channel on Saturday (June 18). The Voice of America More out there. There he announced that talks on peace with Russia would not take place until the end of August. “I think we will carry out an operation with counter-attacks in different places,” Arasmija said of the decision. Ukraine will probably have a better negotiation stage, read this time.

Ukraine War: Street fighting in Sverdlovsk

Update, 8:06 am: Fierce fighting continues in eastern Ukraine. According to Ukrainian public servants, the situation is particularly chaotic in Zhivorodonetsk. Now every street has a fight. The city and its environs have been under heavy Russian artillery fire for days.

According to Sergei Hajtaj, the Ukrainian governor of the region, many Russian soldiers will be killed. The Kremlin will always replace these with new ones. It is currently impossible to evacuate the large number of civilians still trapped inside the city. But the route there was attacked by Russian artillery.

++ Ukraine war: Kiev reports heavy casualties – Johnson makes surprise visit

KIEV – After 114 days of war in Ukraine, the Russian attacker seems to have the luck of the war on his side. According to a top general, the Ukrainian military has suffered heavy casualties since the fighting began. “To date, as a result of the active war we have an estimated 30 to 40, sometimes with losses of up to 50 percent of our equipment,” Brigadier General Volodymyr Karpenko told the American newspaper “National Defense”. Meanwhile, “1,300 infantry vehicles, 400 tanks and 700 artillery systems were lost.”

++ Ukraine war: Johnson reassures support

To continue to defend itself against Russian attacks, the West needs military support and new weapons. The President of Ukraine also demands this Volodymyr SelenskyjWho surprised the British Prime Minister on Friday Boris Johnson Received. During his spontaneous visit to Kiev, he promised Ukraine that there were no new weapons, but at least training programs for soldiers.

Military trainers from Great Britain have already instructed the Ukrainian military to use modern Western weapons at the beginning of the Ukraine conflict and the beginning of hostility. Johnson promised to provide Selensky with additional weapons systems.

++ Ukraine war: fighting in the east of the country

Unload Wars between Ukraine and Russia Saturday night continued to focus on the Donbass area. In particular, the city of Svizerodonetsk in the Luhansk region is facing stiff competition. The Russian military resumed firing on the Azote chemical plant on Friday. According to the Ukrainian military, more than 560 civilians have taken refuge in the vast factory complex. They are said to have 38 children.

++ Ukraine war: Civilian casualties continue to rise

The number of civilians killed in the war in Ukraine is gradually increasing. This is confirmed by reports from the region around the city of Donetsk. Regional Governor Pavlo Girilenko said four people had been killed in a Russian missile strike. Six more people were injured in the attack.

Authorities say two people were killed and at least 20 were injured in what became known as the Russian military offensive in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv. The governor of the region, Vitaly Kim, spoke about repeated rocket attacks from Russia on residential areas in the region. On the other hand, the Kremlin denies shelling in residential areas. (Dil / DPA)

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