Russia attacks Sumi – multiple explosions

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Residential houses were damaged in the attack in Sumy Oblast. Russia suffers heavy losses in Ukraine war. Message Ticker.

  • Rocket impact Inside Slovak: Killed many
  • Elite fighter of Russia Destroyed? 95 percent would have died
  • Current developments in the Ukraine conflict can be read here. Processed information about the losses of the forces involved in the war in Ukraine is partly obtained from the warring parties from Russia or Ukraine. Therefore, they cannot be independently verified in part.

Updated from April 15, 06:25: The military administration of the Sumy region said in a telegram that Russian troops attacked Seritina-Buda commune. Several residential buildings and vehicles were damaged in the mortar attack. Despite several explosions, no casualties or injuries have been reported so far.

The Sumy region of Ukraine has come under repeated shelling by Russia. (archive photo) © Genya Savilov/afp

Ukraine War: Sloviansk Attack Kills 8

Updated from April 14, 10:23 pm: At least six people, including a two-year-old boy, were killed in a Russian rocket attack on Sloviansk in the Donetsk region. Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska said on Twitter that the child was pulled from the rubble in the morning and later died in an ambulance. “My condolences to the family,” he wrote. “Every child is a small universe for their loved ones.” The blast injured 15 people, the region’s governor, Pavlo Kirilenko, told Telegram. It is suspected that many people may still be inside the ruins. President Volodymyr Zelensky also expressed his condolences to the dead.

Updated from April 14, 9:29 pm: In Russia, men can be conscripted very easily with immediate effect. President Vladimir Putin signed the necessary amendments into the law on Friday. Regulations came into force which caused great uncertainty among the people. In future, graduation notices will not need to be delivered in person, but can be sent electronically. Conscripts registered online are not allowed to leave Russia until they are handed over to the military.

The law was passed in a lightning vote in parliament in Moscow on Wednesday. Some MPs complained that they did not have time to properly read the more than 50-page law. Many Russians fear that large numbers of men will be conscripted again for the soon-to-be 14-month war against Ukraine. The Kremlin denied such plans.

Updated as of April 14, 8:00 PM: After being arrested in the data leak scandal, US President Joe Biden directed the military and secret services to take extra steps to protect sensitive information. Biden announced on Friday that the dissemination of national security information should be further restricted. One is still in the process of determining the content value of classified documents published on the Internet. The United States coordinated closely with allies and allies. Biden praised law enforcement for “acting quickly.”

Rocket attack in eastern Ukraine: at least five dead

Updated from April 14, 7:19 pm: At least five people were killed in a rocket attack in Sloviansk, eastern Ukraine, according to regional governor Pavlo Kyrilenko. At least 15 people were injured. The S-300 missile damaged five apartment buildings and five private houses. They are searching for 7 people trapped in the debris.

95 percent of elite Russian fighters killed in Ukraine?

Updated as of April 14, 7:09 pm: 95 percent of elite Russian fighters killed in Ukraine? It writes The Washington Post and cites US military assessments and experts, as well as satellite images revealed in documents leaked by the Pentagon. Thus, in the first months after the invasion, Russian military commanders used special forces as ordinary infantry. As a result, the elite units, which take at least four years to train, were almost completely defeated. Typically, Spetsnaz operatives are assigned high-risk covert missions – including an “apparent” order to kidnap Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

High casualties have deprived the Russian army of the possibility of special operations, for which such units are intended. It could be about a decade before Russia actually rebuilds combat-ready units, Pentagon documents show. It says: Of the five separate Russian special operations brigades that returned from combat operations in Ukraine in the late summer of 2022, all but one unit suffered significant casualties.

More and more Chinese elements in Russian weapons systems

Updated as of April 14, 5:41 pm: According to Ukraine, more Chinese elements are found in Russian weapons systems. Government adviser Wladyslaw Vlasiuk told the news agency that the mix of weapons captured on the battlefield had changed. Reuters Via a video switch. “Now there is a trend towards fewer components from Western production, but more components – it is not difficult to guess which country,” said an adviser on sanctions policy to President Volodymyr Zelensky. “Definitely China.”

Ukraine war: Belarus threatens West with nukes: ‘next step’

Updated from April 14, 2:55 pm: Belarus’ defense minister threatened to deploy strategic nuclear weapons during an unannounced maneuver by the Belarusian military. “If necessary, we will also have strategic nuclear weapons. We are already engaged in the preparation of existing launch sites,” Viktor Grenin said, according to media reports at the military training area. If the West’s hostile rhetoric continues, that is the “next phase,” the general said. Belarus has no nuclear weapons. In late March, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that tactical nuclear weapons would be stationed in the former Soviet republic.

New data on Russian losses: Dozens of bodies exchanged

Updated from April 14, 1:25 pm: Ukraine and Russia again exchanged the bodies of dozens of slain soldiers. “Ukraine has recovered the bodies of another 82 fallen defenders,” the ministry in Kiev said in a telegram. How many people died on the Russian side was not disclosed. Confirmation from Moscow is still pending. According to officials, around 800 bodies have been handed over to the Ukrainian side since the start of the war in Ukraine nearly 14 months ago. There are only estimates of the total number of Ukrainian victims. Kiev considers the numbers a state secret. Russia also gives little information on its losses.

Ukraine war: Leaks indicate heavy casualties on both sides

Updated from April 14, 12:15 pm: Secret US documents containing information on arms deliveries and assessments of what happened in the war in Ukraine have been circulating on the Internet for weeks. Among other leaks, US estimates put the number of Russian casualties (dead and wounded) between 189,500 and 223,000. It is said that between 35,500 and 43,000 soldiers were killed in action. So Ukraine’s losses are between 124,500 and 131,000.

Another number is mentioned in the documents. This is of particular interest because it comes from the Russian domestic secret service, the FSB. According to this, nearly 110,000 Russian soldiers were said to have been killed or wounded by February. At the same time, the FSB accuses the Ministry of Defense of not counting the deaths of the Russian National Guard or Wagner mercenaries. Additionally, the documents confirm suspicions that the military deliberately withheld the true extent of Russian losses from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia suffers heavy losses in Ukraine war

Report from April 14: Russia continues to suffer heavy losses in the Moscow-Ukraine war. So far, 19,688 Russian soldiers have died in the war, according to publicly available data. This is clear from the statistics provided by the Russian service BBC and Independent Russian Media Agency Mediazona Keep posting.

The data is based only on confirmed sources providing the names of the deceased. These include social media posts by relatives, reports in local media and reports from regional authorities. However, since only publicly available reports can be verified, the actual death toll is likely to be significantly higher. Also, no information can be provided about missing or captured players.

For comparison: according to official statistics, 14,453 Soviet soldiers died during the ten-year war in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989, while 53,753 soldiers were wounded during that time.

Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine: many officers among the victims

Fighters recruited by Wagner’s group and used in the battle for the strategically important small town of Bakmut still topped the casualty list. So far, the names of 1,100 soldiers who died there are known. However, there were fewer casualties among the volunteer mercenaries than among the prisoners drafted by Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin. There is a total Mediazona It has so far identified the names of 1,783 soldiers who died in the war.

There have been heavy losses, especially in the higher ranks. The Russian army is said to have lost more than 2,000 officers since the start of the war. Just in the last two weeks Mediazona Confirm the deaths of nine Russian officers of the rank of lieutenant colonel or higher. As a rule, these are young and inexperienced military personnel who have recently been promoted. 220 of them were at the rank of lieutenant colonel or higher, so five prominent generals died at the highest level:

  • Vladimir Frollo
  • Roman cutting
  • Andriy Chukovsky
  • Dmitry Ulzhanov
  • Andriy Pauly

The Twitter account “KilledInUkraine” estimates that more than 2,000 Russian officers died in the war in Ukraine. We are talking about 2,055 victims here.

Losses for Russia: Kremlin no longer gives numbers

The Kremlin has not released any figures on its own losses since September. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said 5,937 military personnel had been killed. However, the British Ministry of Defense announced on February 17 that up to 200,000 people may have been killed by Russian troops and Wagner mercenaries since the start of the war in Ukraine. The ministry estimated 60,000 soldiers in February. Ukrainian civil servants spoke of more than 181,000 “liquidated Russian soldiers” on April 14. (Talk to agencies)

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