This year’s much-awaited handset – Apple iPhone 8 is yet to hit the commercial, but a new report, leaked by an authorised supply chain of Apple has hinted about the features and looks of the upcoming iPhone 9. As claimed by a recently leaked report, Apple iPhone 9 will hit the market in two variants regarding sizes, including one base model with a bigger-than-expected display and a ‘Plus Size’ handset which will boast the biggest-ever screen size of Apple.

The leak has come from a source within Samsung Display, which is the sole OLED supplier for all the upcoming iPhone models. As per the given statement of the source to The Korea Herald, Apple has already started the developmental procedure of the giant display phone and is currently working with Samsung Display and some other supply makers. According to the reports, the Plus size phone will allegedly come with a 6.46-inch supermassive screen which is the biggest display of Apple ever, alongside a base model with a 5.85-inch display.

As expected, the iPhone 9 will hit the marketplace rather than usual as Apple is following a nippy approach for the developmental procedure. According to the inside reports, Samsung and Apple have agreed to a non-disclosure contract according to which a total of 80 million OLED panels will be provided by Samsung to Apple for the upcoming iPhones. As this year flagship of Apple is set to make debut in September this year, the report has left the marketers and tech specialists speculating that the contract is for the iPhone 9.

As the source on the condition of anonymity said, “The development schedule for the giant iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus has been moving at a quicker pace, allowing for varied factors like facility investment, subsidy, and production schemes.” Works for current year’s iPhone flagship was begun in April, which was so earlier than usual and this is a clear indication that work for iPhone 9 will also be starting sooner than usual.