Rumors are circulating in Kiev that Zelensky is planning to oust his top general – Politiko

The first rumors of feud and possible ouster of Zlozny began to spread at the end of 2022, when the media mentioned Zelensky was considering replacing Zalozny with Ukrainian Ground Forces Commander Oleksandr Sirsky, who is seen as more friendly to the president.

Zelensky also sees General Zalozny as a potential political rival.

Although the presidential election was postponed due to the war, Zalozny is considered a folk hero in Ukraine — which could translate into electoral power.

“So far, Zalozny has not decided to enter politics, but he is considering this option, and the president’s office is afraid,” the person familiar with the talks said.

December vote It found that public confidence in Zelensky is declining, falling to 62% compared to 84% the previous year – even though he remains the highest-ranking politician in Ukraine. Meanwhile, among public figures, Zalozny was trusted by 88% of those surveyed last December.

last vote The Kyiv International Sociological Institute found that Zalozny was the most trusted of the top Ukrainian leaders.

The prospect of tensions at the highest levels as Ukraine engages in an existential war dismays Ukrainians. The poll found that more than 70% would react negatively if Zelensky fired Zalozny.

Matt Berg reported from Washington and Veronika Melkozerova from Kyiv.

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