Richard Osman claims “everyone” in the industry knows who the abusive TV writer is

Richard Osman claims “everyone” in the industry knows who abused Richard Gadd, star and creator of the Netflix series Reindeer baby.

The author and TV presenter discussed the controversy surrounding the show on his podcast, The rest is entertainment.

Usman claims Gad was “very open with those in the industry” about who sexually assaulted him.

Reindeer baby is a semi-autobiographical series based on his one-man show. In the series, Gad portrays Donnie, a stand-up comedian who is stalked by a woman named Martha and reveals the trauma of a past sexual assault he suffered from a well-known television writer.

“As you say, there’s something very serious going on with a male comedy producer and Richard Gadd, who, she says, presented the show in Edinburgh and has been very open with people in the industry about who this person is, so people in the industry know,” Osman said in his latest episode. Industry, who is this person? Podcast.

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In the wake of the success of the series, many viewers tried to identify the actor, which led some to falsely accuse the director and writer.

“Now the identity of a completely different person has been revealed, someone who had produced Richard Judd before, but certainly not The One in any way,” Osman said. “But the person they cast in this role looks like this other guy, looks like the guy who was falsely accused.”

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Othman continued: “It is a strange and strange thing to do because this poor man received death threats and he had to issue a statement to say that it is not me. And it is not him, and certainly not because people in the industry know who he is. And it is definitely not him.”

Gad recently shared a message on social media urging fans to stop speculating about any of the real people the show’s characters are based on.

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