Good news is there for all the Gmail supporters! It is being revamped. Reportedly, Google delivered an email to G Suite administrators cautioning them about an upcoming advanced look for the Gmail.com soon. As Google state a “fresh, clean look” is coming to Gmail very soon. Immediately post the email sent, leaked images of the design have appeared at the Android Authority and The Verge.

The present Gmail for Web design is among the earliest designs of Google. In fact, it has been there since 2011. Where some of the Google services often get revamped in each one or couple of years, the void of revamps for Gmail is quite evident, which is considered by many as the fear of making the users unhappy about changing what they were used to with. It might create some rage as well among the users against the changes. In fact, the last redesign that was given in 2011 was not appreciated well.

However, good news is that one of the renowned productivity apps of Google is not getting ruined. This time the layout has been kept pretty much the same as of the present Gmail.com. Similarly, there is also three information density setting available to select from. On a whole, the revamped design for Gmail along with whitespace front looks quite good.

The best part about the entire aspect is the addition of loads of fresh functionalities. Gmail is bringing in a latest feature from its own product Google inbox. This time you are going to have the “snooze” feature that allows you to discard an email from the inbox for a certain amount of the time. In addition, there will be the features like “Smart Replies” with Gmail.com that delivers mechanical replies (powered by machine-learning concept) to the email accounts, which can be delivered with one click.

Some plugins also are available for the “Gmail Add-ons” feature that was unveiled in past October. Calendar information has been also brought up straight within Gmail, which works fantastic for scheduling dates, meetings. It is very much expected for the calendar to be advanced enough for showing the important dates cited within the email.

Though Google Tasks is still there, but it is pretty much like a panel within the Gmail and as a typical old model website. However, this time it is speculated to be getting refurnished along with Gmail redesign. Making things more interesting, an updated logo and certain other modifications have also appeared by a top technology blog.