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Aaron Sorkinphase adaptation to To kill a mockingbird He won’t be returning to Broadway, despite January’s announcement that it will reopen in June after the winter “hiatus.”

according to Showbiz 411′Roger Friedmanwho was the first to break the news, the Broadway show failed to restart after a difficult Omicron-influenced winter run as a result of a decision made by the previous producer. Scott Rudin, who still retains the rights to the show. According to an anonymous source who spoke to Friedman, Rodin “never disappeared”, despite “long negotiations to switch production to other producers”.

in Emails were obtained by New York times From Sorkin and the play’s director, Bartlett Sher, the cast and crew were notified of the show’s permanent closure on Thursday, with both citing Rudin as the source of the decision.

“At the last minute, Scott reinstated him as producer and for reasons, frankly, incomprehensible to both of us, he stopped the play from reopening,” the email read.

Cher and Sorkin added that they were “sad” goodbye “to lose all the jobs – on stage, backstage, in front of the house – that just vanished”.

According to Sorkin and Cher, Rodin said his decision to pull the plug on the show “has to do with my lack of confidence in the climate for next winter’s plays” and that he “doesn’t think any part of mocking-bird It will be competitive in the market.”

Rodin allegedly wrote: “It’s too risky and the downside is too big.” “I’m sorry you’re disappointed. It’s the right decision for the longevity of the show.”

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To kill a mockingbird It was among the shows that reopened on Broadway after the pandemic shutdown for 18 months. After raising the curtains again in October 2021 with star Jeff Daniels returning to play Atticus Finch, Greg Kinnear later stepped into the role before the January 16 winter shutdown, which was believed to be temporary.

It was also among the Broadway shows that Rodin reportedly backtracked on The Hollywood Reporter Publicize allegations of abuse Made by former Rudin employees.

The show originally opened on Broadway in 2018, and was an instant success. This year, she launched an American tour production and opened in the West End. according to times.

The Hollywood Reporter I reached out to production for comment.

An earlier version of this story misidentified Roger Friedman as Scott Friedman.

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