Apple watch which was launched during the year 2015 will be getting the new design. It is predicted that the Apple watch will have a redesign with a large screen, enhanced battery life, and some health features.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that it is predicted that the Apple Watch Series 4 will get a more trendy form in design and you may not see the rounded square design of the watch anymore as reported by 9to5Mac.

Apple may increase the screen size of the watch by 15 percent which is a major change and it is going to affect the overall chassis. It is available in 38mm and 42 mm flavors for the time being but with the increase in the size of display “Apple Watch Series 4 “ will become 44mm and 48mm. Apple may reduce the bezel size and retain the existing chassis dimensions.

The expected enlarged screen will get more internal headroom for adding more components is still unknown. According to Kuo believes, the updated watch model may have an extended on-wrist life and it is possible due to increase in battery capacity. It is going to have enhanced what time equates with a large lithium-ion cell and will sport a large form factor.

Kuo also said that Apple Watch is going to get some health enhancements but he did not give the details about the health enhancements that Apple is going to introduce in its Apple Watch Series 4. Apple Watch may come with a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, barometer and gyroscope which will help in tracking the biometric data and movement.

KGI predicted that Apple may sell about 22-24 million Apple Watch units in the 2018 year. the watch is likely to get launched at September event along with 2018 iPhones.