There is a time when there is no smartphone and you could use your mobile phone for a week without plugging it into the charger. The Verizon CEO said during a tech conference that the upcoming 5G technology will bring a huge difference to the battery life of smartphones in future with low latency.

The 5G networks will not only have a high downloading speed which is far more than the speed we get on 4G networks but also will be having the low latency scores. Low latency helps a user to connect to a crowded tower with ease in such a way that it will drop down to mere 1ms from 100ms in 5G.

When we get low latency then the computing power of smartphones stress on the mobile edge instead of on-device for which all the battery life is drained. This power shift will help to make the thinner device in future and also gives way for enormous battery life.

According to McAdam, the streaming of data in fast and seamless mode will make our device thinner and it will shift the computing power to the edges of the network. This will make them thin and light and can have long power on a single charge. According to some reports, less drain of the battery will force smartphone to less computing. The better connectivity on a crowded network could play an important factor to improve the battery life on the 5G devices.

Verizon is spending about $18 billion for future technologies which include the development of 5G.  The American Service Provider has already started conducting trails for 5G and its promise to bring the 5G enabled device in the form of a mobile router.