Razer is probably the last name you would associate with a smartphone, as the company is rather popular for its expertise in the PC gaming market That said, multiple sources citing a report by Bloomberg suggest that the company plans to release a new smartphone, that’ll be specially crafted for gamers.

Razer will reportedly take expertise from NextBit, the smartphone startup it acquired earlier this year. The smartphone that Razer plans to launch will be aimed at hardcore gamers, as the company tries to make a foray into the smartphone market.

For now, details remain rather slim. But having said that, sources indicate that Razer’s smartphone would run Google’s Android OS, most probably with some heavy tweaks for enhanced performance.

Furthermore, the reports also note that the project will be initiated only after the company announces its first public offering sometime in October, with Razer aiming at a $5 billion valuation. Depending upon the response of the IPO, Razer would then make a decision as to whether to go-ahead with the project and launch the device in the market.

The report also notes that Razer could also create a portable gaming device, most likely a tablet instead of a smartphone. That said, a smartphone seems likely on the cards given NextBit’s expertise in the smartphone market.

If this turns out be true, a gaming smartphone dedicated to hardcore gamers would most likely catch the attention of other notable smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple, who might themselves consider investing in smartphones specifically aimed at hardcore gamers.

According to Bloomberg, the global video games market is projected to grow by around 25 percent to $146 billion by the year 2020. As of now, the global video games industry stands at an estimated $117 billion. Razer currently sponsors over 300 eSports athletes including the likes of Perfect Legend. The company is now building a software platform that would connect and launch games for nearly 35 million users.