Queen Elizabeth II’s bodyguard went to war illegally

Countless people are currently at war in Eastern Europe. Four British men are said to have fled to the war zone to help. One of them was the Queen’s servant.

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According to British media outlets, including The Sun and the Daily Mail, four British soldiers have reportedly left their posts to help the Ukrainian people against Russia. The group includes a 19-year-old who works Queen Elizabeth II. Stands.

Did he get out of boredom?

Over the weekend, the boy reportedly booked a one-way ticket to cross the border into Poland. Ukraine Occur. The Sun reports that Royal Guard Windsor left Barracks and left a note for his parents before leaving.

“He may think he can do something good there, but it’s a completely wrong decision,” the insider says. A friend also knows that he is tired of working for the Queen: “It was enough for him. Like many boys he was promised a job in Afghanistan, after all the ceremonies. But it did not happen.”

The Ministry of Defense is trying to find them. Because the government fears that Russia may demand it England In battle, soldiers must go forward and fall into the hands of Russian soldiers. The last sign of the 19-year-old’s life was a social media post in which he showed a photo of his shoes.

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