Apple and Qualcomm’s feud appears to be escalating further, as a new report by Reuters indicates Apple is suing the chip manufacturer over patent violation with Snapdragon processors.

According to the report, Apple alleges that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 820 processors violate Apple’s own patents. The iPhone-maker claims Qualcomm has infringed upon at least eight of its battery life patents.

The report explains that Apple has already patented a technology that ensures each part of the phone’s processor consumes minimum power, to essentially offer improved battery management.

Apple claims it began seeking those patents a long time before Qualcomm, and alleges that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and 820 processors infringe upon these patents. The report further notes that Apple is suing the world’s largest chipset manufacturer for an unspecified amount.

To recall, Apple’s feud with Qualcomm began in early 2017 with the former accusing Qualcomm of charging high royalties for its proprietary technologies. Back in January, Apple filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the chip designer for abusing its taking undue advantage of its market dominance.

In response to Apple’s allegations, the latter also reportedly filed a lawsuit with Apple in China, seeking to halt manufacturing and selling of iPhones in the country earlier this month.

In other related news, WSJ earlier reported that Apple wont use Qualcomm components in its 2018 iPhone and iPad lineup. The report also added that Apple will ditch Qualcomm and may use modem chips from Intel and MediaTek while designing iPhones and iPads for 2018. The decision comes because of a dispute over the Cupertino giant’s use of Qualcomm’s proprietary technology.

The San-Diego based chip designer now finds itself tangled in an ongoing battle with the Cupertino giant, and it appears the dispute just keeps on escalating.