Putin threatens “catastrophe”: Tests begin in Germany

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Air: George Anastasiades

Georg Anastasiadis, editor-in-chief of Münchner Merkur, comments on Putin’s threats and the central government’s reaction to the gas dispute. © Alexander Zemlianichenko/Pool AP/dpa/Klaus Haag

This Monday, Moscow shuts down the Germany gas pipeline for maintenance work on the Nord Stream I pipeline. Will it come back in a few days? The central government fears the worst. Commentary by George Anastasiades.

Im Ukraine war Guns fire at full capacity. Putin’s projectiles hit Germany every day more menacingly – at least the propaganda. Kremlin ruler predicts “disastrous consequences” if sanctions continue. Ominous gestures about starting now Maintenance works of Nord Stream I gas pipeline Only the initial skirmishes for a more comprehensive gas war between Russia and Germany will become clear within days. In Berlin, people fear the worst. “We won’t let anyone buy our guts,” it says Principal Resist. Really?

Security has never been free in human history

Putin He knows where to put the rich Germans. The profiteers of globalization, they always talk about morality, while capitulating to inhumane regimes in Moscow and Beijing. To this day many people don’t want to admit that being carefree comes with a price, and security has never been free in human history. They are concerned by the Ukrainians’ struggle for independence. And the poor are not without asking themselves whether they should pay the party now.

already requested AfD And Linke Ukraine’s sacrifice and great potential are already being used in Munich on the altar of peace ordered with Putin. Marcus Soder It accuses the government of fundamentally failing in its mandate to “provide warm homes, energy and affordable food”. It’s bold, 16 years of union-led governments brought the country to this point, and Bavaria was at the forefront of the nuclear grid and other nonsense. But he believes CSUThe boss insists that citizens seek a (different) scapegoat, and now the German business model, which has become unsustainable, is collapsing, and the “trial” prophesied by the philosopher Raja Habeck begins.

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