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Putin suddenly looks vulnerable


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As Russia misses its war goals, Putin reacts. Meanwhile, the Kremlin’s PR machine has plans of its own.

Moscow – domestic political pressure Vladimir Putin increases. of the Devastating losses of the Russian army In the conflict in Ukraine Many military families have never received any combat bonuses. In addition, by financing the war against Ukraine Many projects are postponed. An example is infrastructure expansion in many regions. As far as equal opportunities are concerned, the gap between urban and rural population has been widening over the years.

That’s the missed targets Ukraine war And domestic political pressure hasn’t left Putin unaffected, as a series of canceled Kremlin events shows. A more recent example: the Russian president’s annual press conference. Almost at the last minute, Putin called off the planned show of power. What was already suspected in the international press at the time of the cancellation has now been confirmed by several anonymous Kremlin officials. Moscow Times. According to one report, fears that the topic of the press conference would be dominated by the war in Ukraine were too great. Another drone strike Russia, caused uncertainty recently committed by the Ukrainian military. “No one can guarantee 100 percent that such an attack will not happen,” a Kremlin official said.

Ukraine war news: Heavy losses could directly affect Putin

Putin had already canceled his traditional televised speech in the summer. This was always a PR event for the Kremlin. Added to this is the fact that Putin’s annual State of the Nation address is still missing. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has already promised several times on camera that the president will keep it in 2022. Finally, the news agency reported Toss Wednesday’s (December 14) speech will be postponed until next year.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin. © Maxim Shemetov/Pool Reuters/AP/dpa

Not surprisingly, developments in warfare have a direct impact on the behavior of politicians. In Russia, however, efforts were always made to avoid this feeling. Finally, it shows concern. Confronted Kremlin officials Moscow Times Plans for Putin’s annual press conference are well advanced, he said. “The situation at the ends and its unfavorable development were discussed,” said one of the officials Moscow. “But everyone shook their heads – the boss is a rock, he can handle it. He will [die Pressekonferenz] Don’t want to cancel and his talent and experience of working in ‘big categories’ will allow him to turn the situation in his favor. After all, Russia today is truly a besieged fortress, with Putin as its commander.

Ukraine war news: Kremlin’s “good news” for Russia

The Kremlin says only that it wants to associate Putin with “good news.” This is reflected, among other things, in the fact that numerous employees of major Russian energy and transport companies have been expressly barred from planning PR events with Putin and members of the Russian government. It also informs Moscow Times.

Vladimir Putin
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the EAEU summit in Kyrgyzstan. © Vladimir Voronin / AP / dpa

Compared to a domestic strategy of “good news,” the government around Putin continues to rely on brutality on the battlefield. A recent fugitive said this. However, at the negotiating table, As the country becomes increasingly isolated internationally, Russia is banking on new allies. (With dpa/AFP)

Author’s note

Some information about the war in Ukraine comes from factions fighting in the Ukraine conflict. They cannot be independently verified immediately.

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