Protests after pension decision: French angered by Macron’s actions

Status: 03/17/2023 02:17 am

Despair, anger, incomprehensibility: Thousands of French people protested across the country after President Macron’s decision to pass pension reform without a referendum. Police used water cannons and tear gas in Paris.

Thousands of people protested in Paris following the French government’s decision to implement a controversial pension reform without a referendum. They flocked to the Place de la Concorde, the largest square in the heart of the French capital.

The police retaliated by firing teargas shells and using water cannons to disperse the protest. According to authorities, more than a hundred participants were arrested. From Cherbourg in the north to Montpellier in the south, from Nantes in the west to Nancy in the east, people gathered spontaneously. In Marseille, demonstrators demolished several shops. Participants were frustrated, angry, and did not understand how their government could do this.

Pension reform by mandate: corruption in France

Friederike Hofmann, ARD Paris, Daily Topics 10:15 pm, March 16, 2023

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said live on TF1’s main news channel that she had tried until the end to get the legislative proposal to a vote. He blamed only the conservative Les R├ępublicains for the change in whose votes the presidential camp depended on.

Bourne was annoyed that they still didn’t stand behind the text because they had been given concessions. Concessions, for example, to mothers, the elderly or people working long hours, will eventually cut a few billion from the almost 18 the government hopes to win each year through the reform.

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The unions have announced that the protests and strikes will continue on Thursday.

Sabine Rao, ART Paris, accepted Macron after implementing the controversial pension reform

Daily Topics 10:15 pm, 16.3.2023

The government is unlikely to fall

Left-wing and right-wing nationalists have already announced a no-confidence motion. These should be in by Friday afternoon. However, overthrowing the government is considered unlikely.

The leader of the R├ępublicains, Eric Ciotti, has already said his group will not support a no-confidence motion. However, it remains to be seen whether all MPs adhere to it.

With information from Stefanie Markert, ARD Studio Paris.

Commentary: The French government implements the pension reform with Article 49.3

By Julia Baganda, ART Paris, March 16, 2023 at 7:53 pm

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