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With her ends the line of the last American royal family.

Hawaiian Princess Abigail Kawananakoa has died at the age of 96. “Her Royal Highness Princess Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawananakoa” passed away peacefully at her home in Nu’anu’a on Sunday evening in front of his wife, Veronica Gail Kawananakoa, at the historic ‘Iolani Palace. , said of the family on Monday. She was to be buried in the royal tomb.

Hawaii has been a monarchy since King Kamehameha came to power in 1795. Princess Abigail is descended from the last royal dynasty that was overthrown by American businessmen in 1893.

Five years later, the United States annexed the island chain, and since 1959 it has been the 50th state and longest democratic.

Iolani Palace has been the seat of the Hawaiian royal family since 1882

Photo: Jennifer Cinco Kelleher/AP

Abigail Kawananakoa had no official title, but many in Hawaii called her “The Last Ali” (The Last Lord). Democratic Gov. Josh Green flew flags at half-staff in his honor. Green said Abigail carried the weight of her office with “dignity and humility” and enriched the lives of everyone she came in contact with.

Princess Abigail, daughter of a party-loving princess and Irish sugar plantation owner, inherited a fortune worth millions and spent it primarily on the Hawaiians, except for racehorses.

He gave grants to tribal peoples, paid for repairs to Iolani Palace, now a museum, and bequeathed a $100 million donation after his death.

Princess Abigail (right) with her wife Veronica (left)

Princess Abigail (right) with her wife Veronica (left)

Photo: Jennifer Cinco Kelleher/AP

“My heritage compels me to care for the people of Hawaii,” Abigail said at the 2019 Fortune Teller. It is estimated at $250 million.

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His wife is said to get around 40 million. Princess Abigail and Veronica married in 2017. The noble lady had a long relationship with women. For men, a short relationship was enough for her.

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