Police shoot dead hostage-taker in Zug, Switzerland

A man is armed with a knife and an ax on a regional train In Switzerland on Thursday evening, 14 passengers and a train driver were threatened and held hostage for nearly four hours. After police action at around 10.15 pm, people were able to get off the train unharmed. The accused was shot dead, Attorney General Eric Kaldenreider said at a press conference Friday night. The accused is a 32-year-old Iranian citizen seeking citizenship. The motive for his crime is still unclear.

Police were informed by the victims from the train on the route between Baulmes and Yverdon-les-Bains in French-speaking western Switzerland. More than 60 officers surrounded the train as it stopped at Essert-sous-Champvent station with the doors locked., police said. An interpreter was brought in to negotiate with the hostages – sometimes via WhatsApp. Police did not say what the man wanted.

The emergency services finally seized an opportunity when the perpetrator managed to get away from the hostages and intervened.. Explosives were used to distract him. The man then charged at a police officer with an axe, who then opened fire. The assailant died on the spot. (dpa)

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