Poland launches fighter jets after rocket attack

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Russia bombs Ukraine every day and almost 24 hours a day. In Poland, the military retaliated by sending jets into the skies.

WARSAW – Since the war in Ukraine began, no part of the invaded country has been safe from Russia's missiles. Towns and villages further west from the front are also targeted. Despite the allies' advanced missile defense systems, not a day passed without a serious missile attack.

Ukraine war: Missile attack results in Poland launching jets

The near-relentless attacks have also attracted the attention of Ukraine's western neighbors. Like the Polish Army announced via Twitter, the fighter jets took off on the night of Good Friday. The operational command warned of increased noise in the southeastern part of Poland, where its own and allied aircraft operate in the airspace.

The background to this operation was that “the intensive long-range aviation activities of the Russian Federation were observed in connection with missile attacks on objects on the territory of Ukraine”. The security of Polish airspace must be ensured. Warsaw had already put its air force on alert because of Russian attacks. Additionally, a clear warning was sent to Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin.

Defending your own airspace: Polish warplanes take to the skies in response to Russian shelling of Ukraine. (Code image) © Twitter/@DowOperSZ

Russia strikes Ukraine from the air: A young woman is among those injured

Several rocket attacks have been reported from Ukraine before this. Sergey Lizak, as Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Region, In Telegram Energy facilities were destroyed and one person was injured in the Dnipro and Kryvyi Rih districts of President Volodymyr Zelensky's hometown. Five people, including a five-year-old girl, were injured in the attack at a rural cooperative. Two men were taken to hospital, one of them seriously injured.

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In Nikopol, many buildings were destroyed, including private houses. “The enemy's main target is our people and facilities for people's livelihood,” Lizak said, accusing Russia of targeted attacks on civilians.

Missiles and drones fired over Ukraine: 84 air targets destroyed, says Air Force commander

Ukrainian Energy Minister German Kalushchenko said on Facebook About “another massive attack by a terrorist nation on our energy sector”. Targets were hit in Dniprpetrovsk, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad and Ivano-Frankivsk, particularly power generation facilities.

According to Air Force Commander Mykola Olechuk, Ukraine managed to destroy 84 air targets. Accordingly, 58 Shahed drones and 26 missiles were intercepted during the night. He also spoke In Telegram A total of 99 missiles were counted, according to him, “a powerful missile and air attack on the facilities of the fuel and energy sector of Ukraine”.

Kiev recently participated Targeted airstrikes on Russian targets Made headlines. These also took place here Attacks at night. But not nearly as large as the role of the aggressor, who could rely on the development of a supersonic missile.

Emergency services at the pile of rubble
Aftermath of destruction: After Russia's nighttime attack, emergency services examine the impact site – here in the Zaporizhzhia region. © IMAGO / ABACAPRESS

Poland sends jets: Warsaw remains on alert because of the war in Ukraine

As Ukraine came under fire again for several hours – apparently from the annexed Crimean peninsula – Polish fighter jets completed their mission hours later. “The threat of Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian territory has been reduced,” the Polish military explained this early in the morning. Emergency services have returned to normal operation.

Nevertheless, it was another night of heightened preparedness. Polish soldiers continue to monitor the situation on the territory of Ukraine and remain vigilant to ensure the safety of Polish airspace. This won't be the last time jets take off in Warsaw due to Russian destructiveness. Poland recently summoned the Russian ambassador after Moscow violated NATO airspace. (mg)

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