When we play games like Pokemon Go, violence will not come to our minds. Games are made to give our mind a relax mode from a tight schedule of our life. This is not the case in this game as a player assaulted other players when he loses in the game.

Pokemon Go, a reality game made by Niantic labs was launched in July 2016. The disturbance created by this game is not new as in past the games have done a series of incidents like trespassing on private property and causing accidents. A recent report state that a player has assaulted other players while playing Pokemon Go. This is the worst case ever reported for the game.

According to Washington State TV Station KATU News, “there were three men sitting on a bench in the park in the Brunt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver. At the same time, a stranger was appeared and threatened them with a tire iron.”

According to Andrew Otton whose username in the game is Andy released that the man is looking for him when he shouts his name by saying “ Who is Andy ? “. He said that he took control if a Pokemon gym without knowing that the man has already claimed it. The incident was not ended with just raised voices but that man started beating Andy and one of Andy friend named as Grayson Hagstrom got behind the angry man n choke him to stop that man from beating his friend.

According to reports of court, the man named as Stephen Jolly is now facing the charges of assault and malicious mischief.