It leaked a while ago, it is been rumored for longer than that, and it is been required even longer than that, but the delay is better than never. As revealed, finally the Pokémon GO is getting a single-player quest system. It is called “Research,” and is no less exciting for looking an entire lot like the sort of daily and weekly quests of about every games-as-service title in the market. One completes tasks, fills up the progress bars, gets rewards which are the meat and potatoes of any game as that of this. Importantly, these quests would come in two flavors: Special Research and Field Research. The Field Research is the everyday grind, while the Special Research contains story quests, the initial of which would guide the player towards ultimately capturing the mythic Pokémon Mew and that would make Mew one of the only non-random rewards in the game.

When it actually comes to playing the game, it is the biggest feature since Raids. It gives Pokémon GO something that it is almost entirely lacked since the launch: structure. Currently, the game is almost completely reliant on the self-directed goals such as filling the Pokédex, leveling up, or preparing the tricked-out counter teams for fighting Raid battles. That does not have to be an issue, but the collaboration of shallow gameplay and self-directed goals means that it is easier to feel aimless even post playing the game for a few weeks. Most of the games mitigate that feeling by extending some goals of their own in the form of quests, and the Pokémon GO has required them since the first day. People are now around two years into the game, however, a small structure is as welcome now as it was then.

The EX Raid system by which the trainers could receive their only crack at the high-powered Mewtwo seems as the nadir of the Pokémon GO’s design. It is opaque, capricious, and frustrating, locking up the best rewards of the game away behind a random number generator that is irritating also when functioning as intended.