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Pokémon fans are joking that the new upstart, Quaxly is actually Donald Duck


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The Pokémon Company announced a new duck Sunday.

Well, not just a duck. announced The next generation of Pokemon. New games will be called scarlet pokemon And the VioletAnd with the news came new information about The three new appetizers. Among the new Pokémon is a duck called Quaxly. It’s just a duck, but fans online have noted that Quaxly looks like another beloved cartoon character, Disney’s Donald Duck. For this reason, fans are already posting a lot of memes and fan art for the two of them, in funny results.

Quaxly design exudes elegance and luxury. It has one wing on its hip and rocks what looks like either a huge wig or a stylish hat. (Online fans are tearing up to see what exactly is on their head.) Whatever it is, it makes the brave bird look like Donald Duck, who also wears a blue hat.

Quaxley joins two other cute starters: Fuecoco, a fire-type crocodile, and Sprigatito the grassy cat. However, the resemblance to Donald Duck seems to set him apart from the others. Now, people online have been posting loads of memes and pictures making jokes about the strange similarity between the two.

Moreover, fans are generally excited about ducks. Quaxly isn’t even the first duck Pokemon. There is also the species that flies on water, Ducklett. However, this is Quaxly’s time to shine.

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