The World’s biggest “battle royale “ video game competition become more competitive on Monday with the announcement of Playerunknown’s battlegrounds is free for the mobile version across the world. The iPhone users having iOS 9.0 and later can download the game and Android users having 5.1.1 and above devices with 2GB RAM.

This news comes after the announcement of the shooting game Fortnite: Battle Royale which had already come to the beta mobile version. PUBG Mobile product does not need beat invites whereas Epic Games require the beta invites.

PUBG is selling its in-game currency for real money which can be used to unlock loot boxes. To unlock some cosmetic item for your PUBG soldier, you can go through various in-game challenges for a slow shot at the loot box.

This PUBG game takes all the online players into a single island with zero weapons and armor. The players must search the whole island to get weapons and armors. The island not only house weapons and armors but also various types of vehicles and various other items. The game starts in a randomly central point of the island which is outside the central safety zone with an increasing amount of poison gas. The players are forced to run and in the process, they kill other players and the last player to survive wins the battle.

The PUBG Mobile is said to be at its best as it automates the management tasks and makes the players concentrate on their movement and aiming of the gun. When you run to door a prompt pops up and ask the user to open or close the door. To boost your armor, healths or to get any weapons you need to walk over them and you will have it.