It looks like Sea of Thieves is now facing little hiccups as many players have reported about the issues while playing online on Xbox and PC. Initially, the game was released in some selected market across the world but, now it has been released globally. Well, Rare is now looking into this matter and has informed that the issues will be get solved very soon.

As per the report, one of the most common issues that the game is facing now is CinnamonBeard. It pops up every time during login, not letting the players get online. That’s issue somehow has made the game unplayable as one can’t join a group. The issue was still there during pre-release test time. Commenting on this issue, Rare stated it is happening due to server capacity issues. As there are now heavy traffic and many people are now trying to get online, the server is not working properly.

The games’ support page carries a solution to this issue. As per the support page, if anyone facing the BronzeBeard and CinnamonBeard error, they can quit the game and then relaunch it. Well, still there is no guarantee that this will eliminate the log in problem.

While the developer team is working on it, Rare has temporarily suspended joining the game. When the new players can join the game, that is a big question for now. Rare official Twitter account informed “We’ve got A LOT of eager pirates playing Sea of Thieves right now and due to this some of you may experience issues. Our engineers are working hard to investigate and alleviate them.”

Apart from this, players have reported that they have no items, gold, and clothing when they are loading into the game. In fact, they aren’t getting gold or awards at the end of the quest. It is expected that all the issues will get solved soon and people can enjoy the game.