Plans for EU integration: Von der Leyen seeks reforms from Zelenskyj

Plans to join the European Union
Van der Leyen demands reforms from Selensky

Ukraine wants to become part of the European Union. Next week, the EU Commission wants to submit a decision-making analysis. During a surprise visit to Kiev, the head of the commission, Van der Leyen, called for more to be done to fight corruption.

The EU Commission wants to present an assessment of whether Ukraine should be granted candidate status by next weekend. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made the announcement during a surprise visit to Kyiv. Arriving in the Ukrainian capital, Van der Leyen, along with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, said he “wanted to take the necessary joint efforts for reconstruction and progress on Ukraine’s European path.” After meeting with Zelenskyy, he said Ukraine had “done a lot to strengthen the rule of law, but reforms still needed to be made, for example to modernize this administration, which is better at fighting corruption or attracting investors.”

In early March, just days after the start of the Russian invasion of the country, Ukraine submitted an application to join the European Union. Many EU countries, especially in Eastern Europe, support Ukraine’s membership initiative. However, some countries, such as the Netherlands, Denmark and France, are skeptical about the plan. President Olaf Scholes has so far been reluctant to comment on the matter.

Zelenskyj demands the seventh obstacle

If Brussels nominates Ukraine as its candidate for the 27 member states, and all countries agree, real merger talks could begin, which could take years or even decades. The EU Summit will take place on June 23 and 24 and will deal with the topic. This is Van der Leyen’s second visit to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. During his previous visit in early April, he predicted a “European future” in Kiev.

Selenskyj described his country’s decision on EU membership as a turning point for Europe as a whole. “The EU’s positive response to Ukraine’s application for EU membership will be a positive answer to the question of whether there is any future for the EU plan,” he said in an interview with Van der Ley. In the face of the Russian war of aggression that has been going on since the end of February, the Ukrainian people have “already made a great contribution to the defense of public liberty.”

Kiev is grateful for the sixth embargo recently imposed against Russia, he said. “Unfortunately, the war continues, so the seventh hurdle is needed. It needs to be even stronger.” Zhelensky demanded that this apply to all Russian officers and judges who served in the war. In addition, all Russian banks should be allowed without exception. The Ukrainian head of state spoke in support of the European Union’s full provision of Russian energy resources and a restructuring plan for his country.

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