Google had already made it known they are into developing custom chips that could one day power its own range of devices. While that may be some way off, its first attempt at such an endeavour is already here in the form of Pixel Visual Core. That in simple terms in nothing but a simpler version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip which in the Pixel 2 renders image processing roles.

Interestingly, the Pixel Visual Core didn’t find a mention during the Pixel 2 launch event. That is possibly because the feature continues to remain dormant but is poised for a revival thanks to an upcoming software update. Google didn’t specify when exactly the said update is expected to be launched but it is likely in the coming months, ZDNet reported.

The HDR+ camera on the Pixel 2 has already gone for rave reviews, going as far as even bettering the iPhone 8 camera as well. Now with the backing of the Pixel Visual Core, expect things to look far better than anything you can have on a mobile device anywhere in the world.

Also, while an inherent benefit of the Pixel Visual Core is its ability to speed up image processing, the same is also expected to be opened up to third party camera apps as well. If that be the case than the Pixel 2 can well emerge as a camera powerhouse among a sea of smartphones. As it is, the first gen Pixel has always been acclaimed for its brilliant camera and the new Pixel 2 already betters that while seems set to take things to newer heights post the activation of Pixel Visual Core chip.

Elaborating further, Google said the new eight core chip is designed to deliver five times faster HDR+ performance. However, the power consumed is just one-tenth than what is possible when relying on the standard processor, which highlights the benefits that custom made chips provide for.

This also is a clear sign of the things to come with future hardware forthcoming from Google with custom made chips likely the way forward, as is the case with Apple iPhone or iPad devices.