The Pixel 2 XL was supposed to be all about an Android experience in its purest form, spread over an expansive 6-inch of POLED (plastic organic light emitting diodes) goodness. Also, while the display is being pitched as one of the biggest pluses with the phone, the display has been found to be suffering from burn-in issues.

Android Central that first reported the problem said they faced the strange screen burn-in issue with one of the test samples they were provided with. The image that the site shared on Twitter showed almost a third of the phone’s lower display being greyed out, making the original contents of the display including the bottom navigation bar only just faintly visible.

That apart, there also are reports of the screen showing a blue tint at times while there have also been reports of color reproduction being dull than expected.

Fortunately, Google has already acknowledged the development and has said they are looking into the issue. However, the company hasn’t offered any further details about the problem, or when a solution to it can be expected. In fact, it isn’t even known if the issue has to with the display technology itself or is of software origin.

Things of course would be far simpler if a software patch is all that is needed to remedy the issue. The display technology itself isn’t likely the culprit considering that the LG V30 too features the same panel, as did the G Flex 2. In fact, the Plastic OLED panel exhibit a degree of flexibility, which made them fit for use on the G Flex 2 that again were flexible to certain extent.

For those not in the knowing, the Pixel 2 XL display is sourced from LG while the Pixel 2 makes do with panels made by Samsung. So far, there have been no known issues reported with the Pixel 2 display. Similarly, the latest LG flagship, the V30 too isn’t known to have any issues with its POLED display.