Google has announced a new update for its Pixel 2 range of phones which addresses some of the most pressing issues dogging the handset since launch. Those include the infamous screen burn-in issues as well as the clicking noise emanating from some handsets, with the latest update promising to take care of them all.

According to Android Headlines, the update will introduce a host of features aimed at enhancing the life of the POLED panel of the Pixel 2 XL. Those include a new lower setting for the handset’s brightness to max out at. The update also allows for the navigation buttons to fade out as well, thereby maximising the viewable area of the display.

The Pixel 2 XL had hit headlines soon after its launch but for all the wrong reasons. Of those, the one that could be heard the loudest was the one about screen burn-in. Google though acknowledged the issue but claimed it to be quite normal with OLED panels. Nonetheless, the company has also been quite generous and doubled the warranty coverage of the phone besides promising software updates to help remedy the issue.

The update also introduces new Saturated mode for the color profile, with Boosted and Natural as the options available. These are done to allow for better display optimization while also ensuring the image gets refreshed effectively to prevent remnants of the previous image to linger on even after the content changes to a new image, something that describes the burn-in phenomenon.

Then there were also the strange clicking noise to be heard with some Pixel devices, with the latest update including a solution for that as well. The update includes the Android security patch for November as well. Google also promised there is going to be a December Android software update due next month.

As for the latest update, it has just begun rolling out to Pixel 2 devices all over the world though it could be sometime for it to reach each and every device. At least Google is sticking to its promise and that is the best thing buyers can expect at the moment.