Pete Davidson’s SNL Play The Ass Short Films category is born from Netflix

It was a state of art that imitates “live”.

tired of sitting The latest endless brutality in Tinseltown? do not worry: Netflix Create a new way to please viewers with fleeting attention spans – through Introducing the “Short Films” category Show movies of 90 minutes or less.

They drew their ideas from last week’s “Saturday Night Live” infographic, Aptly titled “Short Ass Movies”. In it, Pete Davidson, Chris Reed, guest musician Jonah, and actor Simon Rex talk about not wanting to watch movies longer than an hour and a half.

“I heard The Batman movie was great, so I went to the theater and watched it,” Davidson, 28, said, referring to Matt Reeves’ epic superhero saga that lasted almost 3 hours. “I peed my pants twice; that was taller than the hobbit.”

“Give me that short, a 90-minute movie,” the comedian continued, before knocking out the names of movies with 90-minute intervals, from “Evil Dead” to “Eraserhead.”

Davidson and his colleagues were scoffing at the recent trend in films—particularly comic book movies— Ironically, it seems to be getting taller Such as It shortens the average human attention span worldwide.

“I heard The Batman movie was cool, so I went to the theater and watched it,” Davidson said, referring to Matt Reeves’ nearly 3-hour saga.
Saturday Night Live
Netflix’s “Short Ass” titles include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Original Movie, Stand By Me, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Zoolander.
Saturday Night Live

The official Twitter account on Netflix Is A Joke even retweeted a clip from ironic hip hop number With the caption: “Good idea”. They also included a link to the “Short” films section.

And no, it’s not an April Fools’ late gag: Viewers who click on a URL will be redirected to a selection of clicks that take about 90 minutes. Short Ass titles include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Original Movie, Be By My Side, The Original Nightmare on Elm Street, and Zoolander.

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Netflix fans trapped by Netflix seemed ready to decide, with one Twitter, “I’m all about it.”

SNL has mocked the extended runtimes of many recent films.
“Saturday Night Live” has ridiculed the long run times of many recent films.
Saturday Night Live
Some titles have their run times hovering around the accepted 90-minute mark.
“Bambi” is among the titles whose run times hover around the accepted 90-minute mark.
Saturday Night Live

“Not all heroes wear a cap,” Loan the official Jägermeister USA Twitter account.

Another said sarcastically, referring to The streaming giant recently raised its subscription costs in the US and Canada.

Davidson respects today's endless film collection.
Davidson keeps a bunch of movies that went on for hours.
Saturday Night Live
Pete Davidson.
Pete Davidson is looking for shorter flicks.
Saturday Night Live

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