People are really loving Google's three-pixel strategy for the Pixel 9 series

Serial leaker Steve 'OnLeaks' Hemmerstoffer recently posted clear renders showing off the Pixel 9. This means that the previous two devices he leaked are actually the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL.

In other words, we can look forward to three flagship phones from the Pixel 9 series coming later this year. This would be in line with our leaked roadmap from 2022, which found Google will introduce a smaller Pixel 9 Pro.

However, this is a big change for Google's high-end phone line, which has long been stuck with a maximum of two models. But it turns out that Android Authority readers surveyed really like the idea of ​​a three-tier flagship Pixel family.

Are three flagship Pixel phones better than two?

Nearly 62% of readers surveyed said that three flagship Pixel 9 phones were actually better than two. One of the main driving factors for this result seems to be that people want a phone that's pocket-friendly and still offers pro-level features. In fact, some comments specifically pointed to the telephoto camera.

User linuxsensei was one of those readers:

I'm definitely looking forward to the Pixel 9, as I want a close-up without the bulk.

“I had no interest in smaller Pixel devices that didn't have optical telephoto or phablets larger than 6 inches,” noted user Albin, adding that a small but “full-featured” Pixel 9 Pro would be in the works to replace his current phone. .

Feeling intimidated by the Pixel 9 trio?

Meanwhile, 27.5% of respondents thought the Pixel's three-level setting could result in more contrast in features. After all, the company neglected the Pixel 8 initially.

“After what they did with the Pixel 8, who's going to buy the base model?” The reader already notices Teori Elvander.

Reader Kira also suggests that Google could take inspiration from its competitors, who offer premium prices for their high-end models:

Basically, Google just wants to sell (a) $1k+ flagship product like Samsung and Apple with all the bells and whistles.

However, 10% of readers surveyed have not yet made their decision. This is understandable because we still don't know much about these three Pixel 9 phones. Pricing will be an important factor here, as Tensor-powered Pixels are generally aggressively priced. But the pessimist in me worries that Google is laying the groundwork for the ultra-premium Pixel XL (about $1,100) in the future.

Either way, it looks like we should expect a huge change in the third quarter of this year. Fingers crossed that Google actually offers a pocket-friendly Pro phone with all the Pro features you'd expect. We hope that the company will continue to take an aggressive approach to pricing.

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