Are you an Android 8.0 Oreo user? There is a handy tip for you to enhance your experience with the device.  A latest autofill feature has been added with Android 8.0 Oreo, which makes digital experience incredibly enhanced. Maintaining the digital life can be significantly improved through the device.

Well, the autofill feature of Android 8.0 Oreo has been experienced by the top tech giants earlier. But, the recent addition is said to be the full fledged one that describes complete features of it. The feature can be enjoyed by those using updated Android 8.0 Oreo edition, or the higher.

One of the best features of autofill is that it makes use of Google’s home password management service. In fact, external password manager can be also used for putting the username and password in to the applications. Through the process, a user can make use of the password managers to develop and save complex passwords for different accounts. Indeed, this will make the digital experience way lot safe.

For example, while setting up a latest edition of device and signing in to different applications, autofill can be useful to put the passwords, instead of copying and putting a password only after taking it from a password manager.

Given below are the compatible applications recommended by Google on this context.

Right now there are a total of four apps that are officially recommended by Google:

  • LastPass
  • Dashlane
  • Keeper
  • 1Password

However, Google’s home service can be used as the default service for autofill. This Google’s own service makes use of the passwords already saved and enables Chrome to sync between the devices.

How to set the service

Those who don’t wish to make Google and Chrome as the autofill service can change it to one of the four presently supported password managers. The process to set autofill is going to vary from device to device. However, in general, it’s all about opening the Setting app and going to the Language and Input. Irrespective of the device, once reached within Language and Input section, you can then select Autofill service. You can find a series of compatible applications installed within the device. You can select the app you prefer. If there is no app installed, you can go with +Add service.

After this, you can be advanced to unlock the password manager and pick the features you want staying on the login screen.