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Operation Demon Veil for Rainbow Six Siege adds a new Greatest Defender


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Today, Ubisoft has officially revealed the next upcoming client for Rainbow Six Siege. Azami is a new defender to join the list Y7S1 Operation Demon Veilbringing with her a creative ability that has been in the works for over a year.

Azami’s work in security in the private sector has helped hone her skills and give her a flair for style, which is why she wears such a sparkly suit. Its ability, Kiba Barrier, is a bulletproof surface that can be deployed anywhere on any map.

Two separate chemicals make up the kiba barrier in the custom kunai that Azami throws from an arm-mounted launcher. Once the kunai hits the surface, gases are released and the kippa barrier forms. It’s an appropriately sized circle that allows her to create new defenses or obstacles wherever she feels will be beneficial to her team.

Explosives and explosive devices will destroy the Kiba Barrier, as well as three combat attacks. If the attacker can get close enough, that is. Azami can use this ability to fortify weak walls, adding extra protection for other defenders to take advantage of their devices or mess with the enemy.

Azami is equipped with a submachine gun and an automatic rifle. It’s deadly in confined spaces but falls short when it comes to long battles. As such, it is best for players to use them to secure their surroundings and make attackers act unnaturally, allowing them to be taken out more easily.

These new guns will be available in Rainbow Six Siege when Operation Demon Veil launches in the coming weeks. Any PC game owner can try it out on the test server to get a feel for how early Kiba Barrier can help them.

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